100 Free LEGO Learning Printables

Resources for Teaching with LEGO® Bricks

These days the web is filled with Free LEGO Learning Printables, even here on this blog, you can download for free, counting and multiplication worksheets using LEGO bricks.

100+ Free Lego Learning Printable Resources | Great Peace Academy

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Most children love LEGO bricks and playing with them can also be a learning experience. But did you know you can take it one step further and structure learning around LEGO bricks? Yep, LEGO bricks can be used for a wide variety of subjects, from science and math to language arts and writing.

I’ve pulled together some of the best FREE LEGO Learning Printables on the web {Tweet That} so you’ll have a ready resource available here on the GPA Learning with LEGO page.

LEGO Learning Printables



  1. “4” Addition Facts Color by Number Worksheets by Homeschool Encouragement
  2. Build a LEGO Abacus by Reyerson~Elf
  3. Color by Number Addition Facts for “3” by Homeschool Encouragement
  4. Count and Stamp with LEGOs by Deceptively Educational
  5. Daily Math Practice by Chaos Appreciated
  6. Double Digit Addition and Subtraction  by Real Life at Home
  7. Free LEGO Addition Flashcards by WOWorksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers
  8. Greater Than, Less Than by Deceptively Educational
  9. Learn About Pi by Homegrown Learners
  10. Learn to Count with LEGO Bricks from Great Peace Academy (That’s Me)
  11. LEGO 100 Grid Printables from Prince Padania at Teachers Pay Teachers
  12. LEGO Addition Worksheets from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord
  13. LEGO Area and Perimeter Center by Susan Krevat at Teachers Pay Teachers
  14. LEGO Challenge Math Activity by Buggy and Buddy
  15. LEGO Counting from Counting Coconuts
  16. LEGO Counting Cards by Lanie’s Little Learners at Teachers Pay Teachers
  17. LEGO Hundreds Chart by The Buzzing Spot at Teachers Pay Teachers
  18. LEGO Math, Fractions, Decimals and Percents from Kelly Ford at Teachers Pay Teachers
  19. LEGO Money by Over the Big Moon
  20. LEGO Multiplication, Fractions & Graphing by Milk and Cookies Blog
  21. LEGO Number Lines by The Buzzing Spot at Teachers Pay Teachers
  22. LEGO Perimeter and Area from Walking by the Way
  23. LEGO Ratios by The Tudor House
  24. LEGO Recognizing Fractions Worksheet by Pinfeather Press from Teachers Pay Teachers
  25. LEGO Roll the Dice and Add the Sum by Tales from a K-1 Classroom
  26. LEGO Sort and Graph from Rachel Mcinnis
  27. LEGO Themed Math Worksheets from Pearse.co.uk
  28. LEGO Tower Math Game from Mrs. Samuelson’s Swamp Frogs
  29. Math Fun with LEGO Bricks by Outside the Brick
  30. Multiplying with LEGO Bricks by Great Peace Academy
  31. Printable Duplo Number Cards by Learn with Play at Home
  32. Pythagorean Theorem with LEGO, (Site in Spanish) by Creciendo con Montessori
  33. Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts from Scholastic

The BEST 100+ LEGO Learning Printable Resources on the Web | Great Peace Academy

Language Arts

  1. 10 Free LEGO Story Starters from Kathy’s Cluttered Mind
  2. Building Brick Sentence Building Activity Pack by Twinkl
  3. Building Brick Instruction Words Pack by Twinkl
  4. 100 LEGOs Writing Prompt from Create Teach Share
  5. Language Arts and Minifigs Download from Homegrown Learners
  6. LEGO Animal Alphabet Cards from Play Learn Love
  7. LEGO Handwriting Worksheets from Twisty Noodle
  8. LEGO Spelling Test Writing Paper from Blessed Beyond a Doubt
  9. LEGO Spelling Test Printable from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  10. LEGO Language Arts by Milk and Cookies Blog
  11. LEGO Minifig Thanksgiving Writing Prompt from Homegrown Learners
  12. LEGO Notebooking (Writing) Pages from Blessed Beyond a Doubt by Homeschool Encouragement
  13. LEGO Site Word Printable Pack from Well Nurtured Plants and Pillars
  14. LEGO Word Search from DK
  15. Phonics LEGO Worksheets from Pearse.co.uk
  16. Pre-School Reading Activities with Duplo from The Educator’s Spin on It
  17. Printable Duplo Alphabet Mats from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  18. Sentence Building LEGOS by First Grade is a Hoot at Teachers Pay Teachers
  19. Spelling Practice Alphabet Printables from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  20. The Cowboy LEGO Writing Paper from Homeschool Encouragement
  21. Workbox LEGO Sight Words from Whatever it Takes Teaching at Teachers Pay Teachers
  22. Writing LEGO Stories Writing Paper Download from Homegrown Learners


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  1. Balancing Chemical Reactions with LEGO from Joshua Nielson at Teachers Pay Teachers
  2. Building Brick Science Experiments Sheets from Twinkl
  3. Chemical Reactions with LEGO Bricks and a Wet Lab from MIT Edgerton Center
  4. Design a Car at LEGO Engineering
  5. Design a Fan, Fan-Tastic at LEGO Engineering
  6. Design a LEGO Music Box from LEGO Engineering
  7. Design a Mountain Rescue (Ramp Climber) from LEGO Engineering
  8. Design a Snail Car at LEGO Engineering
  9. Down the Ramp Using LEGO Pieces to Problem Solve by JudithRobinson Fried at TPT
  10. Going the Distance at LEGO Engineering
  11. Learn About Gears from LEGO Engineering
  12. LEGO Chemistry from MIT Edgerton Center
  13. LEGO Earth from Curriculum by Kenisha at Teachers Pay Teachers
  14. LEGO Plant Cell Model by 62 Bricks
  15. Mechanical Engineering with LEGO by PCS Edventures from Teachers Pay Teachers
  16. Relay Race by LEGO Engineering
  17. Robotic Assistive Devices at LEGO Engineering
  18. Science through LEGO Engineering by LEGO Engineering
  19. Sturdy Tower by LEGO Engineering
  20. Using LEGO Bricks to Understand How Photosynthesis Works from MIT Edgerton Center
  21. Using LEGO Bricks in the Understanding of Air from MIT Edgerton Center
  22. Will it Sink or Float? from Kids Activities Blog


History & Geography

  1. Exploring History and Geography with LEGO  by Milk and Cookies Blog
  2. Learning with LEGO Building an Iroquois Longhouse from Creekside Learning
  3. LEGO Geography by Curriculum by Kenisha at Teachers Pay Teachers
  4. LEGO Learning States, Capitals, & Abbreviations by  Outside the Brick
  5. American Symbols & Landmarks Game by 123 Homeschool 4 Me


  1. 18 LEGO Brick Bible Stories – Teach Sunday School
  2. Faith Builders Bible Curriculum at Nephilim the Remnants
  3. LEGO Games – Books of the Bible – 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  4. Matthew LEGO Challenge – Proverbial Homemaker
  5. Proverbs LEGO Challenge – Proverbial Homemaker

Miscellaneous LEGO Learning Printables

  1.  10 Week LEGO Class by Homegrown Learners
  2. Building Brick Pattern Challenge from Twinkl
  3. Building Brick Pencil Control Worksheet Pack from Twinkl
  4. FREE LEGO Articulation S-blends for Speech Therapy by Ashley Rossi at Teachers Pay Teachers
  5. FREE LEGO Movie PreK Pack from Cafe Mom
  6. Learning with LEGO Junior from Walking by the Way
  7. LEGO Education for Preschool by LEGO Education
  8. LEGO Education for Lower Primary by LEGO Education
  9. LEGO Education for Upper Primary by LEGO Education
  10. LEGO Education for Secondary by LEGO Education
  11. LEGO ESL Worksheets by iSL
  12. LEGO Kindergarten Pack from 1+1+1=1
  13. LEGOLAND Educationational Resources by Merlin Groups.co.uk
  14. LEGO Unit Study and Lapbook from Walking by the Way
  15. LEGO Symmetrical Faces from R Sherry at Teachers Pay Teachers
  16. October Calendar Challenge Builds from Well Nurtured Plants and Pillars
  17. Teaching LEGO Art Free Printable Lesson from Word Traveling

That brings us to 106 Free Printable LEGO Learning Downloads. Did I miss any? If you know of a printable or 2 that I haven’t included please share the title and link in comments.

Be sure to take a look at LEGO Learning to find even more learning ideas.

Renée at Great Peace Academy




Ok it’s time to grab some LEGO Bricks, sit down with your children and let the learning begin.


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