The Ultimate List of American Study Resources for Middle School

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The Ultimate List of American Study Resources | Great Peace AcademyDisclosure

Have you ever thought about how the time span between Memorial Day and Independence Day is a great time period to do an American Unit Study? There are so many directions you can go with such a study. It could be governmental based, military based, geographical, historical, great men of America, great women of America, pivotal moments in America, like I said, so many directions. 

That’s why I wanted to put together a Unit study this year as a review for my son. We simply aren’t quite complete with our required hours due to the family crisis we’ve been dealing with over the last 5 moths, we will need to work through June. At the same time, we’ve reached a good generalized stopping point for the curriculum we use, America the Beautiful, from Notgrass History. We’ll complete the second half next year.

As always we usually slow a historical study way down so he can dive in fully so I never expected to complete a year long curriculum in one year, we never do. But there isn’t any way we can complete it in one month either so we will do book 2 next year. 

Still that leaves 4 weeks of study that needs to be completed to meet the hours that Ohio requires. So I’m planning to take time exploring America in a hands on way, using unit studies, field trips, lapbooks, or whatever interest directed path my son chooses. That’s why I’ve been pulling together a variety of resources for studying the United States of America. 

While your here do me a favor. 1. Pin this post, because you can’t possibly remember all these links, and it will make for an easy reference for the futher. 2. Share with your homeschooling friends: It’s a big post and I’m sure they can benefit from some of the resources available. and last 3. Check back, this will be a growing list as I find new great things to study I’ll come back and add them here. 

American History

Native American History

American History Unit Studies & Lapbooks

Featured Study: 27 Week Chronological Study Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

History of American Immigration 

  • Free Jamestown Unit Study – Harrington Harmonies
  • Ellis Island – History of Immigration to the United States (1890-1920)_ Award Winning Documentary 

American Wars and Military

Featured Resource: What Caused WW1 Adventures in Mommydom

American Geography 

Featured Resource: How We Use Our FREE 50 States Scrapbooking Pages Ed Snapshots

American Literature

American Presidents

Fun American Facts & Interesting Ways to Learn

100 Things to See and Do in Ohio
Featured Resource: 100 Things to See and Do in Ohio Ohio Homeschooling

American Flag

 Famous American People

Featured Resource: Discovering Neil Armstrong Milk & Cookies Blog

National Resources for Learning about America

An America Study Giveaway

I want to share some great resources with you for your own American Study. That’s why I’m thrilled to share with one of you these great products.

An Americamn Study Giveaway | Great Peace Academy

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  • A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels American Landmarks from Hodgepodge
    You will get one Step-by-step how-to instructions book for all ages, in an easy e-book format for download and go use. Take an artistic tour of America from sea to shining sea, with simple to use chalk pastels.  
  • Patriotic Copywork Songs and Sayings for Elementary  from Classical Copywork, your choice of Cursive or Print in digital download
    In this copy-work pack you will find The Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, The Preamble to the Constitution, God Bless America, The Mayflower Compact,and the beginning of the Declaration of Independance.
  • Children’s Encyclopedia of American History by DK Smithsonian Books
    Help your children to learn more about U.S. history with the Children’s Encyclopedia of American History. Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution with more than 750 photographs and art pieces, extensive maps, charts, and state-specific information.
  • Native American History by DK Eyewitness Books
    Discover the Native Americans! With this Eyewitness book through amazing images that reveal the rich culture and fascinating civilizations of North America.

A Total Giveaway Value of $45!

Update: BONUS 5 American Units Giveaway!

This just in, CurrClick and one of their publishers, Homeschool Learning Network, have graciously offered these FIVE American Unit Studies! Register now for your chance to WIN! 

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 Free American Study Download

Mary Beth from Road Trip Teacher, has graciously offered YOU a FREE download of their A Patriot’s Guide to the 4th Of July!  To receive your free download, simply click the image below. Be sure to stop over and visit with the folks at Road Trip Teacher, take a look at all of their great products and be sure to let them know that I sent you. You can also find them on these social media sites: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube

American Study, A Patriots Study Guide of the 4th of July | Great Peace Academy





What do you think are the best ways to teach your children about the amazing America that we live in?

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