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Worship Training Begins at Home

Worship Training Begins at Home

Training Up in Worship: Begins at Home Maybe you are thinking, “What’s the big deal? They are just kid’s let them be.” The big deal is these babies, toddlers and children will not remain children for very long. They will soon enough grow up and […]

Training Up My Little Prince

Training Up My Little Prince

I love teaching the fruit of the spirit to Little Man. In our academy, home and life you might often hear me ask him, “Does that attitude reflect the fruit of the spirit?” or maybe you will hear, “Are you showing self-control?” Or any of […]

We Use Bible Study Guide for All Ages

A complete Bible Curriculum  Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for full information. Thank you for supporting Great Peace Academy.  I want to tell you about the Bible curriculum we are using in our homeschool this year. Let’s face it, there […]

This Week… Service, Intensity, Dates and Support Group

This has been one of those jumbled, schooling when we can kind of weeks. Monday we were prepping for the luncheon that Little Man and a few other homeschool children form our congregation hosted for the older single women. Tuesday was the day of the luncheon. It […]

Teaching Servitude

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right place for Little Man to serve others. His emotional excitability makes it difficult for me to find just the right niche. I previously read “Cindy Colley on Homeschooling” which I reviewed about a month ago. But, while reading […]

Walk in the Spirit

In our Sunday evening worship our minister, Anthony, has been doing a study of the Spirit and how he works in our lives. We have mostly been studying from the book of Colossians. For the past few days this verse has been coming to my […]

This Week… Studies and Socializing & 30 Days to Give Thanks Day 17

This Week…Oh I am so tired after all the planning for this weeks Thanksgiving festivities at our homeschool group. Bible:  Progressing forward in Exodus, Jonathan began to walk with the Israelites out of Egypt. He read how the Lord led them by a pillar of […]

This Week… And 30 Days to Give Thanks, Day 3

30 Days to Give Thanks: Day 3 Link Up Special Offer:I’m teaming up with my friend Davonne Parks to co-host this Month’s Link-Up blog hop. All month long we are posting daily about what we are thankful for. All participants will receive for limited time offer TWO 75% off coupon codes for […]