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Have you started planning for the next academic year yet? From time to time I like to create gifts for subscribers. It’s one of the benefits of being a loyal Great Peace follower.  This month, I’ve created a Homeschool Planner, printable.

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Get Your Free homeschool Teacher Planner | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool
Even though I use a digital planner for most of my record keeping, I like having a printed homeschool planner that I can keep notes in, make quick changes and even record reading logs and other necessary things. Plus, having a pretty page helps me to stay motivated to keep track of the daily work. 

What’s Inside the Homeschool Teacher Planner

Get Your Free homeschool Teacher Planner | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool


  • Family Statement of Purpose Page
    A place to write out your families purpose or goals. This statement page can serve as a reminder of why you chose to homeschool, how you are approaching the work, and keep you on track as you work toward those goals. 
  • Annual Goals Manager
    This section is a place where you can write out monthly goals for each of your children. You can set goals, tasks, or skills that you want each of your children to accomplish each month, all working toward your goals for the year.
  • Month at a Glance
    Each month, July – June, you can view the month at a glance calendar with plenty of lesson planning pages between the month at a glance pages. 
  • Lesson Planner
    The lesson planner pages are set up to cover days Monday through Friday, with 7 subject areas to make plans. There are 5 lesson planning pages for each month, but if you need more, simply print more. I know some moms with more children prefer to have 1 page per child for each week. 
  • Academic Logs Pages
    These are pages where you can log work your child has completed outside of lesson plans. These include: 

    • Reading Log
    • Enhancement Class Log
    • Field Trip Log
    • Special Projects
    • Service Projects

The simply pretty pages are adorned with watercolor calendula flowers scattered thoughtfully on each page. Having that little pop of color makes the task of lesson planning a bit brighter. You can print as many pages as you need for your own use! That’s the added bonus of utilizing a digital, printable planner. 

Grab Your Free Homeschool Planner

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Notes of Interest:
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Get Your Free Homeschool Planner | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool

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