Family Dinner Ideas with Enticing Chicken Recipes

16 Enticing Chicken Family Dinner Ideas | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #chickenrecipes #ihsnet

Because you can utilize it in so many ways chicken is such a versatile family dinner idea. It serves as a healthy protein that can be added to any casserole, […] Read More

5 Things To DO when you are Married to a Loner

5 Things To DO When Married to A Loner Husband | Renée at Great Peace #marriagemoments #marriage #peacefulmarriage #ihsnet

When you are an extrovert married to a loner, you may find it difficult to navigate together through life. The truth is though, the match up of these different personalities […] Read More

Comprehensive Music Appreciation for Elementary Homeschool

Comprehensive Music Appreciation Curriculum for Elementary Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #homeschoolmusicappreciation #musicappreciation #curriculum #ihsnet

My son has a great hunger for music. Whether he’s learning at the piano, singing in worship, or studying the great classics he simply thinks in music. Which is one […] Read More

15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family Will Love

15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family will Love | Renée at Great Peace #family #familybonding #familyactivities #ihsnet

Getting together with your family in the evening or on the weekend creates family bonding. Because you’ll be building memories that last a lifetime. Whether you prefer to keep it just […] Read More

Why Art Appreciation Starts with Hands-On Art

Why Art Appreciation Starts with Hands-On Art | Renée at Great Peace

 Art appreciation is a wonderful area of study and the earlier you start the greater appreciation your child will have for a variety of art forms. Exposing children to art, early […] Read More