16 Gifts for Husbands that Aren’t Lame

Having a loving husband is a great blessing to a wife. He’s there for you, takes care of you and provides for you and your family in so many ways. He’s likely your best friend, especially if you’ve been married for a while. But, if you’re like me buying gifts for him can be a bit difficult. But, you know you want to get him just the right one to bring a bit of joy, a little excitement to his eyes as he realizes just how much you want to please him.

Great Gifts for Husbands | Wife giving gift to husband

Choosing a gift for your husband, your constant companion, is a wonderful way to show him some affection and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s for his birthday, or a holiday, or just because it’s a fun way to show you care.

Gifts for men can seem like a daunting task. They don’t always like the same things that women do. And, as much as we appreciate them for their uniqueness we don’t always understand their likes, wants, and needs.

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I’m sure when it comes time to buy him something you ask yourself a variety of questions trying to narrow down to just the right ones for him.

  • What can you give him that is unique?
  • What can you give him that he can use throughout the year?
  • What gifts will he be impressed by?

Gift Ideas for Husbands

golf ball and club

Gifts for Golfers

Is your husband a golfer? Whether he’s been a golfer for many years or just starting to step foot on the links there are a wide variety of golf gifts you can gift to him.

You can Personalize Golf Balls with his name and a variety of styling options.

If he’s a fan of The Office, he’ll be thrilled to get these The Office Golf Balls combining two favorite activities into one great gift.

Personalized golf gloves will help him to keep his grip as he takes his swing in style.

Planning his golf shot will be so much easier when he utilizes this Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition.

If he’s just starting to get into golf you can get him a good starter set of clubs. If, however, he’s an avid golfer he may be ready for a more customized set. You can also opt for a more specific club, like a sand wedge, putter, or driver that he’s been wanting but wouldn’t necessarily buy it for himself thinking it’s too much of a splurge.

Gifts for Him at the Office

Whether your husband works in an office, a shop, or at home chances are he has a workspace where he keeps his stuff. Sometimes little touches make all the difference when it comes to his being able to be comfortable and productive while working. These gift ideas will do just that and he’ll be reminded of your loving care each time he uses them.

picture of someone working at desk

You know it’s so easy to get distracted and come back to the desk to a cold mug of joe. And… who wants that? Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is perfect for keeping his coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm while he works.

Does your man listen to tunes while working? No one enjoys having to untangle the wires of their ear buds. This Leather Earbud Holder and the wires can be wound around the leather and the strap holds the buds in place. A great gift for his desk drawer, or satchel, to keep his ear buds handy whenever he needs them.

A Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone is great for listening to online trainings, and team meetings when remote team members are joining in the discussion.

Your husband is likely going to be attending a few formal events over the course of your marriage, and you want him to look his best. If he doesn’t already have one, getting him a nice suit will come in handy for whenever he may need it, whether it’s for personal or business reasons.

Gifts For the Active Husband

If you have a husband who enjoys being active think about getting him a smart watch. These watches have come a long way in both style and functionality. They not only track heart rate, but they can connect with a cell phone to track distance, pace, and so much more. Some even offer additional functions that can help your man to track all of his healthy habits.

For your outdoorsy active husband he’ll love that you got him some Survival Gear and Equipment. This handy kit has everything he’d need in an outdoor emergency while, hunting, fishing, or hiking.

Picture of hiker

When he’s out and about running, hiking or hunting this sports wrist band with zippered pouch is a great accessory. He can put his key, and a little cash inside to keep them safe.

Gifts for Men Who Travel

Whether your husband travels for work or fun chances are he’s traveling with some techy gear. But, between cell phones, laptops, tablets and other accessories it can be difficult to keep all the related charging cords organized. Get him a Travel Cable Organizer Bag to help alleviate travel frustrations.

Chances are when your man travels he packs as little as possible. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be prepared. This Vintage Travel Shaving Kit has room for everything he needs, and will help him to stay organized. Plus, before you wrap it prepack it with all of his needful things so he’s ready to go whenever he needs to.

If your husband travels internationally then this personalized passport holder is a great gift idea. It provides a place for credit cards, cash, and even has a place for pen. It zips up for a bit of extra security too since nothing can fall out.

I hope you’ve found this gift guide for husbands to be helpful. Whether your man is a traveler, is active in sports or focuses on working for his family these ideas are a great way to show him you care.

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16 Gifts for Husbands that Aren\'t Lame

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