How Can it Be? Celebrating 25 Years of Marriage Moments

How Can it Be? 

That’s how I’m feeling on this day. I look at my Beloved husband awed at his love. It’s incredible to think that we’ve been married for 25 years. It seems... ah, so cliché to say, like yesterday.

Marriage Moments: How Can it Be? Celebrating 25 Years of Marriage | Renée at Great Peace

So Happy Together for 25 Years

I’m amazed, that he still stares at me with loving eyes that look awed to be with me. I’m still giddy like a school girl when he says my name. I still wonder why he chose me. He said, “we’ll grow old and I’ll still stare at you,” and he still does.

Through the years we’ve had difficulties, and joys. Awestruck surprises and heartfelt deep sorrows. Yet – every day we get up, and we decide “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…” Every day we decide that we will continue to grow in love. 

That’s what it takes, a daily decision to love, no matter what. 


Are you new to marriage and worried that it’s even possible to do, happily ever after? Are you in early marriage thinking it might be better to get out? 


Let me tell you… in our marriage we’ve been through many, many trials. There have been times when the burdens of life were so heavy that we couldn’t image making it through. But with the ability to look back over those 25 years we can see where God’s hand was working to provide for our needs. It is worth it to stick it out, to work it out, to learn how to trust each other as together you are learning to trust the Lord. 

Today, without a doubt I can say we are blessed because 25 years of marriage is such a rare thing in our society now. To be able to say we’ve made it here incredibly wonderful. 

Happy Anniversary to my Beloved Man! I look forward to the next 25 years with you.



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