5 Ideas for Low Cost Couples Getaways

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Just like I think it’s important to plan date nights throughout the year, I also think it’s important to plan some couples getaways every so often in your marriage. Once every year or two is a good rule of thumb, but of course you must determine what works best for your own family.

5 Ideas for Low Cost Couples Getaways | Renée at Great Peace #marriagemoments #wifey #ihsnet 
Low cost getaways for married couples | Marriage Moments with Renée at GreatPeace

Perhaps the biggest hindrance for being able to do this is finding someone willing to watch the kids overnight. Believe me, I understand. We do not live close to family, so we often must rely on friends when we want to get away.

Consider offering a reciprocal overnight option to your closest friend. You take her kids for a night or two, and then at a later time, she takes your kids for a night or two. This way you are strengthening your own marriage but encouraging your friends as well.

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Once you have that detail worked out the second thing you will want to figure out is the budget. There are ways to manage a get away and still be mindful of the family budget. So, today I’m sharing some tips that you might consider which might help you to plan your couple’s getaway with your beloved husband (or wife).

Ideas for a Couples Getaway

  1. Tag along on a business trip
    This may not be the ideal way to spend time alone with your spouse, but since the company will most likely be taking care of his (or your) expenses, you can save money by only paying for one person’s meals, if you must fly, you would only be purchasing one ticket, and the hotel should be covered. Extend the stay (if possible) by a night or two. And you have a great way to reduce the cost of a get away.
  2. Weekend house switcharoo with your best friend
    Sometimes a simple change in location can reignite the love life. Let your friend keep the kids at your house, take your own linens, and change them out. Pack your own dinner to make a homemade meal together. Be sure to clean up before you leave and leave a thank you note with a gift card for them. Then next month, return the favor and keep her kids overnight at her house, and let them borrow yours for the night. 
  3. A night in a local hotel 
    By staying local you won’t be paying out a lot of gas money for the getting there portion of the “getaway.” Instead enjoy each other’s company over a romantic dinner and then a night in a local hotel. 
  4. Find a nearby B&B
    Bed & Breakfasts often offer last minute reduced pricing. It’s in their best interest to sell rooms that remain unsold, rather than have an empty room or a few for a weekend. Make friends with a local B&B owner, or follow them on social media and watch for last minute deals. Also, if you can manage a week night stay you might find that the prices are more than reasonable. Plus you get breakfast for free. 
  5. Drive to the nearest large city, spend the day exploring like first time tourists. Again, when you aren’t driving for hours you will be saving money. We often overlook some fun things to explore when we live within driving distance of a city. Take some time, stay in a nice hotel and explore some of the top tourist attractions, eat in some restaurants you have yet to try, and explore what your city has to offer. 

The truth is it doesn’t matter how, when or where you go to get away. The important thing is that you do. Having a strong relationship with your spouse is imperative to the overall well-being of your family.

What ideas and tips do you have for getting away with your spouse?


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5 Ideas for Low Cost Couples Getaways

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