A Change of Scenery

When we moved here to this house, we thought it would be a short move until we could find a landing place to call our own; we live in a rental. But once we got here, we discovered the quiet beauty of the property and have since stayed for nearly 6 years. We live in farm country but within commute distance of the city. The property backs up to a hay field and across the 2 lane road in front of the house is a beautiful farm. The house sits surrounded by trees, pines, maples, apples and a walnut. 

Here are a few scenes from our yard over the past few years.

Our nice secluded yard
Look at that Gorgeous Sugar Maple
A row of pines along the sides of the property

This week we are experiencing a change of scenery.

One of those beautiful sugar maples
Cut down
I wish I could say it was just this one. But I cannot. As it turns out there is a huge easement through the property by AEP. They have major electrical lines which feed the city of Columbus Ohio traversing the yard. They are getting ready to upgrade those lines and the towers that support them. So EVERY tree within 50 feet of either side of the lines are coming out. 

That means our once semi-secluded back yard is now wide open. The 2 beautiful sugar maples, 8 pine trees, and 1 white birch are all going to be gone by then end of the day. This does not even come close to describing the changes taking place in the neighbors yards. 


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