Satisfying Country Classic Cabbage Rolls Recipe

If you are looking for a comforting winter dinner idea then this is the recipe for you. Whether it’s New Year’s Day or a cold winter day this cabbage rolls recipe is sure to satisfy the body and warm you up. This country classic recipe is often served as a traditional New Year’s Day dinner and is said to bring luck to the home that serves it. It’s a fabulous family dinner idea, when the weather gets cold.

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Growing up my mom made cabbage rolls every year for New Year’s Day. Now that I think about it, everyone in our hometown made some version of cabbage rolls on New Year’s. It’s a Southern West Virginia tradition, to be sure. But, I also know many other cultures make cabbage rolls as well.

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There are cabbage rolls recipes found in many European countries, and also Asian countries. It’s truly hard to know where this dish originated.

Maybe it’s because cabbage is a vegetable that’s easy to grow in many climates. It also is cheap to buy, and stores well throughout the cold winter months.

I’ve repeated the New Year’s tradition in my home with my own family.

But, I don’t just serve this scrumptious dish at the start of the year. I serve it whenever it’s cold outside. Cabbage rolls are found on my family’s table throughout the winter months, and occasionally in the fall and spring as well whenever there is a chill in the air.

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Cabbage Rolls Recipe

What You’ll Need to Make this Cabbage Rolls Recipe

This is a classic recipe using traditional ingredients. But, there are many different versions.

Cabbage Rolls Recipe Ingredients

I do prefer to use Campbell’s Tomato Juice, though I’ve used a variety of generic options over the years. Some juices, like V-8, will change the flavor profile of the finished recipe. Look for a juice that has a simple ingredient list of tomatoes, water, and salt. Additions to the juice will change the flavor.

Non-pantry Items for Your Cabbage Rolls Recipe

I use toothpicks to keep my rolls together while they are cooking. You will also need a large stockpot for this recipe. I prefer to use a Dutch Oven with a heavy bottom to prevent the tomato juice from sticking.

What are your favorite ways to use cabbage in your home?

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Cabbage Rolls Recipe for New Year's Comfort Food

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