A Ready Guide for Parents of a Gifted Child

Raising a Gifted Child, Book Review

Being an homeschool mom to an academically and creatively gifted child can seem quite intimidating. Especially if, like me, the mom doesn’t feel quite qualified enough for the task at hand. Finding a how to guide would be a great help wouldn’t it? 

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That’s pretty much what Raising a Gifted Child by Carol Fertig is. A guide for parents of a gifted child. It has become a ready reference guide for me and sits on my homeschooling desk. I refer to it often for information, review, encouragement and resources. 
While defining “gifted” has proven to be difficult for parents and experts alike, Carol offers simple to understand explanations of terms associated with gifted learners. She shares specific characteristic and provides storied examples of how such characteristics may be seen within a gifted individual. This makes it easy to see how such a characteristic may or may not relate to your child. 

Carol has worked in gifted education for over 35 years and has a masters degree in educational psychology/gifted education. So when you read her work you know she is speaking from specific experience.  

Recognizing that there is more than one way to educate, Carol, shares encouraging information and tips for parents of all types of learning environments. From public/private schooling, charter schools, duel enrollment, homeschooling and tutoring she encourages parents to consider the appropriateness of each environment and how it relates to the specific needs of your own child. 
“If you come away with nothing else after reading this book, I hope it will be that there is no one right way to educate a child; there are only choices.” — Carol Fertig, pg. 100 Raising a Gifted Child.
Throughout the book she shares additional gifted education resources. Chapter 7 is filled with specific resources for specific subjects. Which is very helpful to a homeschooling mom looking for resources for her own child’s specific needs. 

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Whether you are just beginning the process of researching being a parent to a gifted child or you are well into your research and feel pretty confident in how you are proceeding/progressing this book has tips and resources which can help you as you raise your gifted child. 
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