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Not Back to School: School Room

Our school room is a great room that has lots of storage option. It’s got built in cabinets, along with a counter that runs the length of one full wall. We have a a closet with adjustable shelving, a large front window that overlooks a beautiful farm. And around the room is wainscoting with a chair rail that makes for a perfect chalk rack, which is why I put two large chalkboards side by side on one wall. 
Great Peace Academy Student Desk


I have a large table in the center of the room which serves as my desk and a smaller table next to it which serves as my young man’s desk. We keep the books between us, so I have easy access for planning and he has easy access for work. 
The reality for us is that we only use the school room for 1/2 the school year. We do actually use it for school from September to mid-January. Since our classroom is in our basement, and we heat the home with wood in winter, we close off unnecessary rooms to preserve heat. While the school room is convenient, we can school in any room of the house, so from mid-January to around mid-April we school in the dining room. 

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Great Peace Academy Classroom 2014/2015.Then again, as homeschoolers we school in nearly every room of the house. Young Man does reading on his bed or outside in his fort house. We do science experiments in the kitchen, and yes, occasionally at the bathroom sink. He has had online lessons wherever the laptop happens to be. He practices piano in the living room or on his keyboard in the playroom. He does art wherever the inspiration strikes. 
I learned a long time ago that homeschool doesn’t look like public school and a classroom should be the world we live in. Sometimes, the best lessons aren’t learned in books, they are learned in life and we as homeschool moms need to embrace life as learning mentality and stop thinking inside the class room box. 
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What does your homeschool space look like? Share your details in comments.

Renée at Great Peace Academy
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6 Replies to “Academy Classroom

  1. We, too, have a space in the basement where we can school until about December, when it just becomes too cold down there. It’s also where I keep all of our supplies for art and larger curriculum we’re not currently using. We usually just do school in the living/dining room because there’s more space and we can cozy on the couch with a book or two. Just this summer, we converted a small landing space upstairs for Garrison to use for his independent subjects so he can work without too many distractions. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks for sharing, Renee!

  2. I feel cheated! Where is the picture of those gorgeous chalk boards?! : ) We used to school in a basement room and since our house was tiny, we put layers on and stayed down there! And in NY that meant the room was at 65 with the heat ON! haha Looks like a great space Renee!

    1. Oh ha! I did take a photo of the chalkboards, but then chose to take a photo of my Young Man in front of them for next weeks student photo day. So you’ll get to see them next week. 🙂
      Oh my you are brave. Actually if we left the door open we would be nice and toasty with our woodburner, but because we close off the room to preserve the heat, we just hop up the stairs for about 1/2 the year.

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