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Not Back to School Blog HopI am travelling this week. I’ve actually been out of town since Saturday, but I preplanned my posts for the week. This week’s “Not Back To School Blog Hop” is the School Room Week. I love my school room. Every year I do some minor modifications to update displays, I rearrange the furniture and straighten and organize as best as possible before the start of school. This summer however, I have not been able to get to that as I’ve been very busy. That task shall be on my list for when I return home next week. School will not start until the 11th of September so I have time.
I wanted to join this hop though, so I’m adding pictures of what last years class room looked like.
I love this classroom. In a past life the room was home to a radio repair man. He outfitted the room with built in cabinets and a work space counter top. The walls have wainscotting on the bottom half, there is an open closet space in one corner and one wall has pegs which are great for hanging so many things.

 For us, the cabinets are excellent for storage, and the countertop serves so many purposes. It’s excellent for doing art projects, lab work or experiments. I never have to fear it getting damaged, and Little Man can work without having me over his shoulder preventing accidents.
The closet has served as space for my desk, or as a reading nook for Little Man. The hanging pegs are excellent for attaching maps by using large binder clips, then looping string through the clips and hanging them from the pegs. Then the map fit’s perfectly in the space between the pegs and the top of the wainscotting. Speaking of wainscotting, there is a ledge at the top of it, which is the perfect place to set stray pieces of chalk.
Little Man has a student desk which looks very much like the ones I grew up in back when I was a student at Spruce Elementary. We use wooden crates to keep his current workbooks, textbooks and notebooks organized. We also use modular shelving for library books and other materials needed on a regular basis. I have moved the modular shelves to various places in the room, as I have rearranged.
Over all, I love my classroom work space. It is so functional and serves so many purposes. I’m sure when that radio repairman was creating the space he would use, he never imagined it would also one day make a perfect Home School Classroom. Nor, did he know that it would be his own grandson having school there. 😉

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