Advancing Math Instruction

For the Gifted Homeschool Student

Anyone who regularly follows this blog already knows that my son is advanced in Math. It comes easy to him and each and every challenge he is presented with he takes it head-on and doesn’t back down until he has mastered it. That’s why I am comfortable advancing him to work in areas which challenge his knowledge level. 

How I Teach Math | #math #ihsnet

I love using Khan Academy to teach Math in my homeschool. In fact, I often get asked “How do you use it?” Many people think it is simply a place to find videos when in reality it is a complete program. 
They have additional subjects as well and soon I hope to start adding their programming instructions to Little Man’s work. But, back to math. I thought it would be easier to show you rather than tell you how I teach using Khan Academy. 

Here’s how I Advance Math Instruction 

I know many of you teach from a single grade level rather than multiple levels. You too can utilize Khan Academy by selecting the grade level that your child is working on. By setting up their own login and entering their age, you can then select the appropriate grade to work on. 
How I Teach Math | #math #ihsnet


How do you teach math in your homeschool? What curriculum do you use? I’ve heard some great things about Teaching Textbooks, A+ Math and more.  

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. This Maths teaching tips is really inspiring for me. I love Khan Academy as well, but I am still looking for a way to implement it in our learning. Thank you for sharing.

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