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Are you a brand looking to get your name in front of moms? Do you want exposure for your incredible product in a way that is natural and user endorsed? That’s the exact reason that stay at home moms, especially homeschool moms turn to blogs; to learn, engage, and be informed.

Renée at Great Peace is a blog that is authored solely by me, Renée Brown. My target audience is moms between 25 and 50 who are educated, many of whom are working at home while also balancing a home, family and homeschooling. My goal is to have honest and open dialogue about homeschooling, and family life. 

Services Available

I provide an array of ad placement and sponsorship opportunities. I welcome affiliate relationships, brand ambassadorships, product reviews, product giveaways, paid advertisement and/or pPaid sponsorship. 

I will work hard to share your message in an organic, relative, way for my readership. When you work with me, you’ll discover that your sponsored products become a part of my family and through my social networks I share photos and posts about how, why, and when we use the products. 

I will always represent your product in a positive light while remaining honest in my asssessements. You’ll find that I go above and beyond what is needed. 

I look forward to writing a review for you in these marketing niches.

  • Homeschool curricula & products
  • Gifted & talented educational products
  • Household supplies & cleaning products
  • Family friendly products
  • Grocery, kitchen & cooking supplies
  • Games & toys 

I am committed to providing well written, search engine optimized (SEO), social media friendly reviews. Doing this helps you to spread the word about your products to the homeschool market. I do this as a reviewer directly with brands on an individual basis or as a member of iHomeschool Network. If you are interested in more exposure, I can connect you with the network for a collaborated review. 

See how this brand is using my review in their social media marketing! You can do this too!

iDo3D Review Some of My Reviews


Ad placement Only

I accept ad placements on a limited basis.  Currently, ad space is available on a monthly or 3 month basis.

Custom Sponsorship

 I would love to talk to you about custom sponsorship. 

My Social Media Presence

I am active on the following social media platforms. Which means I will share your reviews, sponsorships or advertisement in a mutually beneficial way.

Additionally, I work with iHomeshcool Network, a blogging and marketing network. If you would prefer a collaborated campaign with multiple bloggers, iHomeschool Network is the place to go. Just tell them I sent you. 

See my media kit for pricing information.

Not sure where to begin? Just email me at Let me know what your ideas and of what you need help with. I will contact you to set up a follow-up conversation and we can work through designing just the right package to meet your needs.



*This blog author reserves the right to refuse any advertisement, affiliation and/or review material that is not in keeping with the theme and purpose of this blog, which is to encourage families and individuals in their homeschool and Christian life journeys. I view this blog as a ministry to others and as such will reference Christian Ideals and values throughout all that I do. Any product or service that does not reflect Christian ideals will be refused. 

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