American History Music Study for Homescho

One of the best ways to add music into homeschool is by incorporating it into other subjects your family is already studying. While studying American History you can incorporate musical culture into each of the eras of history. Music evokes emotion. So, studying music in each era helps a child immerse themselves in the emotions of the people who lived during those historical times. Discover some fantastic ways to do an American History Music Study in your homeschool

American History Music Unit Study | #music #musicinhomeschool #homeschool

When students listen to a variety of forms of music related to their study of history they it helps them to learn about the cultural diversity found in a variety of geographic settings throughout within the United States.

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10 American History Music Study Resources

Knowing what music to integrate into your history studies might be difficult for you. That’s why I’ve put together this post with resources where you can find American History music study Resoucres which can merge well with your American history study.

  1. American Music for Elementary by Music in Our Homeschool
  2. We’ve Got Jazz by Look We’re Learning
  3. Music from Across America from EdSitement
  4. State Songs of the 50 States by Music in Our Homeschool
  5. African American Music Appreciation by Hoffman Academy
  6. A Folk Song a Week by Music in Our Homeschool
  7. American History Through Music by Diana Waring
  8. Music of Early American History at Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool
  9. Folk Songs for Children from SQUILT Music Appreciation

Build Your Own American History with Music Study

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, perhaps you are more comfortable building your own unit study or adding in materials to coincide with your history lessons. I’ve gathered a few additional resources to help you build your own study.

American History Music Unit Study | #music #musicinhomeschool #homeschool

Websites to Research for American Music

Books for Teaching American Music

American History Music for Your Kids to Listen To

The best way to teach music is through listening. So, if you don’t want to dive into a full American History Music Study but do want to help your children to experience history by setting a mood you can simply turn on music in your homeschool while they work on their history lessons. I’ve gathered a variety of music from the different American generations for your listening pleasure.

Keep in mind, it’s impossible to encompass the full scope of music in America in one blog post. That’s why I’m trying to give you a general overview beginning with colonial times and leading to modern American music. That said, there of course are a wide variety of genres found in the various eras of American history. I’ve tried to focus on the ones that seemed to speak to the American way of life in broad terms, as opposed to regionalization, while still touching on those that play a role in the history of our country.

Colonial America Era

Revolution Era Music

Post Revolution America Era

Civil War Era

Music of Westward Expansion

The Blues Era

World War 1 Era

Post WW1 Era

World War 2 Era

Classic Country & Rock N Roll

Millenial Era

A great way to document a music study is by using a listening guide. Grab this free Printable American History Music Study Listneing Page to print for your children’s music studies.

American History Music Unit Study | #music #musicinhomeschool #homeschool

Introducing an American history music study into your homeschool doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact it can be as simple as having muisc playing while your children study their history lesson.

With the above resources you’ll have a vast collection you can choose from to coincide with every era or American history.

What is your favorite era of American music? Share your faves in the comments below.

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American History Music Study for HomeschoAmerican History Music Study for HomeschoAmerican History Music Study for HomeschoAmerican History Music Study for Homescho

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