Applecore Homeschool Digital Planner at 1/2 Price

Save Time with Digital Record Keeping

I know you are enjoying some awesome family time, delicious food and quality time relaxing before heading out for a busy shopping weekend.

Applecore Homeschool Record Keeping
I’ve been away visiting family in WV. Before I left I sat down to plan lessons for the next couple of weeks using Applecore Systems.

As I’m returning home I discovered that they, an affiliate, Applecore Systems are hosting a giveaway for an Annual Renewal for their members.

Applecore Homeschool Planning

Applecore is a an online digital record keeping system and homeschool planner. I’ve been using their Gold Plan (which I received free for the review that is coming soon) for the last few weeks. I am finding it to be a real time saver! Once I set up my basic structure I simply fill in the daily details. I do this every couple of weeks, print out the plans, then Little Man knows exactly what he is expected to accomplish and the time frame I expect him to do it in.

Applecore Digital Record Keeping
You can get 50% off all annual memberships using this special discount code: gpa. This means you can get their awesome Gold Plan Service including the digital homeschool planner for just $27.50 for a year!
On top of that great deal they are hosting a One Year Renewal Giveaway for their current members so be sure to stop over and sign up.

If you are not currently a member of Applecore you can become one using my exclusive code and get a 50% discount. All you have to do is enter discount code gpa at checkout.

So while you are heading out for a weekend of shopping, think about how much you can save on this homeschool planning system, both time & Cash. Stop over at Applecore today, the giveaway ends soon.

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