Are you an Intentional Homeschooler?

Distractions Get in the Way

Intentional Homeschooler

When was the last time you were intentional in your homeschool? I mean, when was the last time you made the decision to turn off interruptions and tune in to your role as a homeschool mom? 

We as moms are overwhelmed! I hear that so often from other homeschooling moms. But, I am learning, at least for myself, that much of the problem lies with, well, me!

I allow too many things get in the way of my role. Then, we find ourselves either overwhelmed with all we have to do for homeschool at the last minute to keep up, or we find ourselves out of touch with what our children are doing.

I must learn to put first things first, and let go of things which interfere with first things. I must be Intentional in my choices. This is true of life, homeschool, and blogging.

Today over at The Homeschool Post, I’m sharing more on . Stop in and check it out. 

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