How to Teach Art in Homeschool

Art is one of those topics that I think causes confusion for many people. I think, most people assume that to be good at art you have to have some kind of talent. But, art appreciation isn’t only about talent, it’s learning to appreciate beauty in the visual arts. This is the reason that you can and should teach art in your homeschool, regardless of whether you feel you have talent or not.

My son sees beautiful art in architecture where another child may only see steel beams and glass. So finding what works to inspire your children can lead to a lifetime of love for the arts.

How to Teach Art Appreciation in Your Homeschool |

Helping your children develop their own sense of art is what’s key in teaching art in homeschool. It could be that your child develops a great love for pottery and working in clay. Then again, you may have a child that is into all things comic and you help them discover the art of pop art, or manga art. There simply is no right way or wrong way to do art. 

Even if you or your child have zero artistic ability and you don’t perceive any way for either of you to develop an artistic ability. You may still teach and develop a love for visual art through the observation of the work of other incredible artists. 

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Art appreciation is more than just producing visual arts and crafts. Art appreciation can be introducing your child to beautiful things and helping them to develop their love, their preference for the art that other people have created. 

That’s where these guides from Masterpiece Society can help. They’ll walk your students through an exploration of each of the artist’s works, styles, and give them an opportunity to practice their hand at recreating some of the most famous pieces of art which takes learning from reading to hands-on to building memories. Just click on any of the images below to find out more.

Below you’ll find a listing of ideas for ways to teach art in your own homeschool. You really can do this… and, who knows you may develop your next passion or hobby while you learn alongside your kids.

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There are many forms of visual art. And while creativity certainly is helpful in producing art, talent is something that can be developed. The truth is anyone can do art. Some will have greater creativity, others may have a greater sense of visual depth or styling but anyone can make some kind of visual art. 

Art appreciation is easier than some make it out to be. Exposing your child to art is key. 

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How to Teach Art Appreciation in Your Homeschool | #homeschool #artappreciation #art #handsonart #ihsnet
How to Teach Art Appreciation in Your Homeschool |
How to Teach Art Appreciation in Your Homeschool |
How to Teach Art in HomeschoolHow to Teach Art in HomeschoolHow to Teach Art in HomeschoolHow to Teach Art in Homeschool