The Ultimate Guide for Teaching Art in Homeschool

Teaching Art in homeschool is one of those subjects that many will think requires a measure of talent to teach. That simply isn’t true. Art can be taught from many different approaches. It can be taught as a study of famous artists, styles or even history. It can also be taught as a hands-on learning endeavor.

But, whether one is fully artistic or just dabbles in art, it can be a worthwhile subject to pursue. Teaching art in homeschool can be a bit frustrating for moms who feel they have no artistic abilities. You may also find it difficult to find classes available locally.

It’s worthwhile to pursue art because art opens a child’s mind to the world, culture, and can inspire creativity in other areas such as writing, engineering or even science.

The Ultimate Guide for Teaching Art in Homeschool | #ihsnet


Teaching Art in Homeschool 

In this Ultimate Guide ot Teaching Art in Homeschool you will resources for how to teach, support for art education, unit studies by artists, and even co-op classes. While I’ve done my best to pull together a comprehensive guide, there are still hundreds if not thousands of resources for studying art in homeschool. 

Finding Fine Art Locally

I’m a firm believer in seeking out art locally. You may find art in a variety of places but I wanted to give you a few ideas to help you jumpstart your local search for art to explore in your community.

  • Art Museums
  • Local Colleges an Universities
  • Historical Museums or Sites
  • The State Capitol
  • Other Government Buildings
  • Hospitals (Yes, sounds weird, but often a hospital will display marvelous works of art, gallery style, which are donated and later placed for sale or auction, it’s  is one way they might raise money.)
  • Public Schools (Your school’s art classes might host a gallery night which is open to the public).
  • Fairs/Festivals 
  • Local Architecture

Websites Dedicated to Art

The Ultimate Guide for Teaching Art in Homeschool | #ihsnet

Art in Homeschool


Art in History

The Ultimate Guide for Teaching Art in Homeschool | #ihsnet

Artist Studies


You ARE an Artist Curriculum Bundle

Art Process

Homeschool Co-op Art Classes


Art isn’t just about crafty things, although crafting can be considered an art. It can be taught simply or it can be a full unit study spanning a variety of genres. Studying art as history helps students to peek into the what the world may have been like hundreds of years ago. Studying an artists life and works can be a jumping point to studying culture, history, music and more.

What are your favorite resources for teaching art? Tell me in comments so I can it check out.

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  1. Wow! what a list, a little overwhelming but highly useful. I’ve just printed it out, to save to my homeschool binder. We love art in our family, and will surely be referring to this post from time to thanks. Many thanks to the curator. I’ll surely share with some other homeschool mommas in my network. Yipee!

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