Homeschool Art Curriculum That’s Easy to Teach

Homeschool art might seem out of the realm of possibility. Let’s face it, not everyone has the talent or experience to teach art skills to kids. 

 But, guess what? We don’t have to know everything or be talented in every subject that we want our kids to learn. Homeschool Art is no exception. By utilizing a homeschool art curriculum that incorporates step-by-step how to instruction along with some tutorial videos you can teach art in homeschool. 

Art in Homeschool, can be simple with You ARE an Artist Curriculum | Great Peace Academy


There are certain things that I really love about homeschooling. One of them is watching my son happily working through an art project.

Art is something that comes naturally to him, unlike myself. He usually works fast, hums to himself and is generally happy while doing art. So, I love watching him in the process. 

I’m not very talented when it comes to art. I wish I were. He sees things in a visual perspective and can draw out a 3-d structure in a short amount of time and I’m just amazed. Even though I’m not great at art, he inspires me and I want to join in. So often, when he’s working I’m working beside of him. 

Which is why I love the art curriculum from Southern Hodgepodge, You ARE an Artist. These simple start in chalk pastels eBook Curriculum are tutorial lessons that guide students in the art of using chalk pastels. Nana, the art instructor, shows just how simple it is with a few strokes of the chalk, a few swipes of the hand and before you know it, You ARE an Artist, and you’ve created a beautiful piece of artwork. 

Here’s the thing. I love chalk pastels for a few reasons. Firstly, chalk is very forgiving, unlike other art mediums. If I mess up chalk, I can just go over it with another layer of color, or even grab an eraser and erase and try again. 

Another reason is in the summer I gather with several hundred other Christians for a Lectureship series in Tennessee and it’s there that I along with my friend, Karen, teach a group of ladies how to make Bible class visuals for their Bible classes. We use chalk pastels to do this. We use sketches from reproducible coloring books, then use the chalks to color in the sketch. I find the smoothing of chalk on paper to be very relaxing. 

They are so simple to use that anyone can create beautiful artwork, regardless of age. So if you have little ones in your home, they too can use chalk pastels and make amazingly beautiful pieces of art. It’s so easy that mom and dad will want to join in the homeschooling art fun too. 

Art in Homeschool for the Whole Family with You ARE an Artist Curriculum | Great Peace Academy

Just take a look at the 2 pieces of art that both my son and I completed not too long ago. Both are lighthouses. We used the basic techniques that Nana taught us in American Landmarks, and then we each customized our own art to make them our own. What do you think?

You ARE an Artist, Simple Start in Chalk Pastels by Southern Hodgepodge make art in homeschool a breeze. Mama, you don’t have to seek out a professional artist in town to teach art to your homeschooler, you don’t have to have any special talent, and you don’t have to have an entire cabinet of art supplies. A supply of paper (even copy paper will work) and a set of chalk pastels (around $12-18) is all you need for your children (and yourself) to create beautiful artwork for your home.

Who knows this might just be a good way for your kids to set up a side business, selling their art to their extended family, neighbors, or to members of your congregation. Perhaps they could set up an Etsy shop and sell online. Then you’ve taken a simple art in homeschool curriculum and turned it into a lesson in entrepreneurship. 

Display tip: I use clipboards, lined up at the top of our schoolroom wall. Just clip your pieces to the clipboards and by the end of the school year you will have a gallery of artwork. Or, find an empty wall in your home and stack the clipboards in a grid pattern. There may even be some that you’ll want to frame for custom artwork in your own home. 


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  1. Hope you are still doing art Jonathan. I keep your owl where I can see it everyday.
    Children’s art work make cherished gifts for grandparents.

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