5 of the Best Articles on the Web for Homeschooling an Only Child

Articles for Homeschooling an Only Child


Do you homeschool an only child and feel like you are all alone in a sea filled with multiple child homeschoolers? I get it, but you are not alone. There are others out there like us. I’ve pulled together the best 5 articles on the web for homeschooling an only child and am sharing some additional resources for you as well. 

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Articles on the Web for Homeschooling an Only Child

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I know that it can be tougher than people think. I also know that occasionally you sit back and watch your one, in awe, and are glad for the quietness of your only child home to have the time to focus so intently on that one child. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t have a minute to yourself because your child needs ALL of your attention. Other times, you feel as if you have it easy because you can get through your day faster than your friends with multiple children. 

Regardless of your perspective on homeschooling your one child I hope it helps you to realize that we may be few, moms who homeschool one, but we aren’t alone. 

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