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This past week I went to the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was my 3rd year and I love being surrounded by several thousand other mom’s, dad’s and families who have chosen the home education path of life. There were nearly 300 vendors, and a couple hundred seminars. 

I enjoyed listening to Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History. It was amazing listening to her give a  history lesson from Creation to Christ in just 45 minutes. Her passion for world history from a Biblical perspective is contagious. 

Shelah Gallagher, Ph.D. from the Institute for Educational Advancement discussed Understanding and Educating your gifted child. I was hoping that it would be a different seminar to the one I took with her last year. But it was mostly the same. It’s quite obvious that she has a great fascination for her field of study. I was amazed at how many families were taking this seminar. The room was overflowing. 

On the Sales Floor. I found a great deal on Apologia’s Zoology 2, Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day. I was given a demo for a Language product that I am hoping to review in a few weeks. I found some readers guides at the 7 Sisters Homeschool Blog booth and a unit study from Amanda Bennett. I ran into my friend Sam and she and I were able to chat for quite a bit. I helped her to make some decisions about Math, but I have to say, I don’t know if she will ever find the perfect math curricula for all 6 of her children, but I am as hopeful as is she that this one will work for the majority of her kids. 

I personally was on the lookout for perfect writing curriculum for Little Man. However, I walked away with something greater than that. I spoke with Kathy Kuhl  from  Learn Differently and received some information on where to find specific resources for the struggling writer. I purchased her book: “Homeschooling the Struggling Learner” as well as her audio CD: “When Writing Doesn’t Come Easy.” Both of Which I will be letting you know more about as we familiarize ourselves with them. It was so comforting to speak to someone who understood my dilemma. 

At a conference with Amanda Bennett my eyes were opened to the need to not hide from technology in the homeschool classroom. I had tried to protect my little guy from all things technological for as long as possible, hoping to give him a good solid basis in education before technology became his central focus. What Ms. Bennett explained however was that we are doing our children a disservice when we do this. She asked the question, are we

preparing them for the right future? If I want my Little Guy to end up in college I need to realize that the face of education has changed, students skype with professors, take notes on tablets and facebook chat study groups rather than around a table at the library. She encouraged us to properly teach them to use internet resources to do research projects remembering that when a child can visualize what they are learning they have a greater chance of remembering what they have learned. So now I am in embrace technology mode! 

Out of everything, I enjoyed spending time with my friend Jen. I found that travelling with her was very relaxing. I think we equally tried to be considerate of the needs of the other. It was good talking with her and getting to know her even better. We had a great

laugh at seeing some grown people walking around in full on fuzzy animal costumes. Then before heading home we made a run to IKEA! All I can say about that is YEAH! She has a kind and loving heart and I’m so glad we had a chance to get closer. 

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