Back to School Homeschooler’s Art & More Basket

Back to Homeschool Giveaway Basket

It’s time for back to school. As usual moms are still gathering a few last minute supplies utitlizing the great back to school sale prices that are available. But do you know what I’ve discovered? There are certain supplies that we make low on the priority list. Art supplies can be low. 

We want to provide an art education, but maybe we don’t have artistic abilities or have the confidence to teach art, so we put it off. I understand. That’s why I’m sharing a Back to School Homeschooler’s Art Basket. 

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In the Homeschooler’s Art & More Basket 

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Back to School Homeschoolers Art Basket
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from Harmony Fine Arts; $10.45

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from Hodgepodge eBook Curriculum; $29.98

    from  Heritage History; $19
    from Bardin & Marsee Publishers – $24.95

    Back to School Homeschoolers Art & More Basket Giveaway
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    (eBook Printable), $3.99

    Great Peace Academy Back to School Basket Giveaway

    Art Supplies, $28
    18 Piece Chalk Pastels, 12 Pack Colored Pencils, 6 Pack Tempera Paint, 25 Piece Paint Brush Set, 9×12 Sketch Pad

    Register to Win the Homeschooler’s Art Basket Valued at over $190.00

    Back to School Gift Basket Giveaway
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    Are you ready to get back to Homeschool? 

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    158 Replies to “Back to School Homeschooler’s Art & More Basket

    1. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! We love art projects at our house & this basket has so many amazing things to check out.

    2. Hi! I love art! We do nature studies and journal many entries to get in some art but I would LOVE this prize package to have more fun with art 🙂 Thanks for offering it!

    3. Wow! My kids would absolutely LOVE the art supplies, and I would LOVE the planner! Thank you so much for the opportunity to have these in our homeschool!

    4. My husband is a good artist, so he takes care of all the drawing, perspective, etc. and I fill-in with the crafty side of art. We also do art in our Co-Op.

    5. I teach Art using a variety of methods. We use art DVD’s, online unit studies or lessons, and an Art curriculum. We like to incorporate other studies into Art as well. Our favorite has been Artistic Pursuits. However, I’ve been curious about the HodgePodge Curricula resources. I’ve tried sample lessons and my daughter truly enjoyed it. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    6. My mom is an art teacher so I have been doing art my whole life. I like to find an art project that correlates to our history or lit selections for the week 🙂

    7. I’m actually looking to change how we do art this year. My son is starting 7th grade & is very interested in art – specifically in learning better drawing skills. Last year we did art appreciation, where we looked at paintings & sculptures & discussed the styles & then he would do a hands on activity similar to what we’d studied.

    8. We are part of a Classical Conversations community and learn drawing and artists there. I take what we do in class home and we brush up on our skills!

    9. The one thing my 9yo has specifically asked for this year is art lessons. She expresses herself better and is more open to learning when she’s being creative. This is a wonderful collection of resources, thanks for sharing!

    10. We haven’t done many formal art lessons. This year my kids will take an art class with our co-op. Other than that, we just keep art supplies (paper, pencils, pastels, watercolors, etc.) easily accessible so that the kids can create when the mood strikes them.

      Thanks for the chance!

    11. My girls are creative so it doesn’t take too much planning for them. I usually just set aside time and set out supplies for them to explore. Once a week I try to introduce a new idea, supplies, or technic for them to try.

    12. I don’t teach art at all. My kids are desperate for it though! I’ve been looking at Artistic Pursuits though and I think we’ll be investing it that.

    13. I have used various ways to do art, we do art studies, we have used the book Drawing on the right side of the brain, and just imitating anything that inspired us.

    14. I’ve had my eye on those chalk pastel books (maybe because I would enjoy learning from those as much as my homeschoolers). Thanks for the chance to win.

    15. I haven’t figured out how to teach art yet, other than handing them a coloring sheet or asking them to draw stuff. I’d love some ideas and help in the art department, English and math are going fine though 🙂

    16. We learn art by first looking at the history, time period , influence and artist. Then we get hands on!

    17. This will be my 3rd year homeschooling, and my first teaching art. With my 9 year old we will be doing artists studies using Mike Venezia books. My 6 year old has made it clear that he doesn’t care about the artists and just wants to do art. 🙂 So I will be using HomeArt Studio K & 1st for him.

    18. We use videos and fortunately my mother in law was a public school art teacher for 32 years….that helps 🙂

    19. I teach art in my homeschool by nature study (currently), but I want to add in more traditional art appreciation and hands-on stuff.

    20. Right now my kids don’t use any formal curriculum for art. It is free-style and self-guided exploration. It would be great to start giving them more direction since I have no artistic talent whatsoever! =P

    21. We follow a Charlotte Mason approach to art and I allow them to express themselves individually. My nine year old son is our family artist and I like to promote his gift with encouragement and resources.

    22. I do 4k with my son and we do all sorts of art projects. I think art is very important for children.

    23. We currently don’t have any formal plans for art. This would be a great way to incorporate art into our day. Thanks for the opportunity.

    24. This is an area of homeschooling that I need to improve in….I’ve checked out the ARTistic books before and like what I see!

    25. This will be our first year of actual art class. Bella loves drawing and painting. She already has a vivid imagination. I can’t wait to see what she does after learning techniques. She is very excited for her class to start.

    26. Well, honestly, I’d have to say I don’t really teach art at all unfortunately. They did take a couple outside classes, but I haven’t sorted out how to do it at home. Ironically, I am reasonably proficient at various art disciplines, but have failed to pass it on—so far at least!

    27. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! We would love to win this basket and incorporate more art into our homeschool. You can never have too much art! 🙂

    28. My daughter is turning 3 in a week, we already do a lot of art… shes been playing with homemade paints since 8 months old. we have an easel and whiteboard and art table and she draws, paints and practices crafting with me. we do a lot of freestyle which she does great at and we also practice direction. she has been following me and learning to draw shapes and copy movements, sometimes we use things from outdoors like leafs or sticks to give a different feel. she loves it and i love painting and drawing my self, so to us its a hobby and she’s really got a gift i think personally. 🙂

    29. I check out art books from the library and use Pinterest. I also started an art co-op that has been great for learning and fellowship. We each take turns teaching the lesson for the week, love seeing what other moms come up with!
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    30. I’ve been using crafts for the majority of my art lessons. My children both want to improve their drawing skills, so the Artistic Pursuits book would be great.

    31. We check out a book from the library on the artist of choice. I also like to find an example of a child’s art on Pinterest. Then we read the book, look at the artwork, and then do an inspired piece of our own!

    32. I don’t really teach art, we just do arts and crafts and activities in our unit studies. This year, I am sending 2 of my girls to my best friend’s house, where her two teenage daughters will teach them art.

    33. Thanks for doing this, it looks like a great basket!
      My daughter occasionally takes art classes provided by the art museum in town. It is pretty expensive to keep up for long though.

    34. Such a useful collection. Right now, we’re just picking a theme for the month and trying projects on Pinterest. For example, this month is color…so we are all about the color wheel and related projects around here.

    35. This looks like a great set! My daughter loves art, and having just moved back to the US from overseas, we need to restock our supplies!

    36. We use instruction videos to teach art and we also give them access to the art supplies to create whenever they are inspired.

    37. I’m just starting this year with a kinder/first grader and a tot. I would love to win this set. It would be sooo helpful! I have found a lot of youtube videos to be useful and also some older books that I have found at goodwill. Thanks, I hope to win!!!

    38. We teach art by having a big basket of art supplies always at the ready & making viewing & discussing art at museums, online, in documentaries or in books from the library a priority. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

    39. We do art in three ways. First, we do a weekly artist/picture study with a different artist every 6 weeks. Second, once a week we immerse ourselves in a different hands-on art for a full 12 weeks (ie. ceramics, woodcarving, etc). Last, we do weekly art/craft projects related to our history studies. Fun!

    40. We do lots of art around here. I teach a art class at our co-op were I try to introduce a wide array of art mediums as well as incorporate some art history and artist study. At home, my children have access to lots of art supplies and we try to do a little art every day. We have had some problems with glitter though. My girls like to pretend it is pixie dust and can make them fly. As a result, we have glitter every where!

    41. I’m afraid art is rather hit and miss around here. I have a daughter who is showing great artistic talent, so I am trying to work it into our homeschool schedule this year–at least 2 or 3 times a week.

    42. I definitely haven’t started any formal art teaching, but I try to have art and craft tools available a few times a week. Sometimes we do a structured project, other times it is all about exploration.

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