Outstanding Family Dinner Ideas for Big Families

Family mealtimes are incredibly important to the connection your family shares with one another. While there are several delicious recipes out there, it can be difficult to find Family Dinner Ideas for Big Families.

Outstanding Family Dinner Ideas for Big Families | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #largefamilycooking #bigfamilydinner #familydinner #ihsnet

This is because a lot of recipes cater to the traditional, 3 or 4 person family. In fact, can seem impossible to find a recipe that suits the needs of a large family without having to double the recipe. While it may seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, but wait, she only has one kid. What does she know about big families? True, I am a mom to an only child. But, I grew up with 2 sisters and a brother, we were a family of six. And my mom taught me how to cook. I also grew up surrounded by my larger extended family. I was the second youngest of 25 grandchildren. We often got together for large family meals. So, I understand what it takes to pull together a meal for a larger family.

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While many recipes are constructed with smaller families in mind, there are ways to make this work but that might seem complicated if you aren’t confident in cooking. While you can double smaller recipes, that can be confusing and time-consuming. 

Thankfully, there are several amazing and delicious dinner ideas for big families out there that will not only impress your large family but also keep their bellies full


Family Dinner Ideas for Big Families

When it comes to creating amazing family meals for your large family, there are several delicious options to choose from. From slow cooker recipes to meals cooked in the instant pot, there is something for every member of your big family.

Outstanding Family Dinner Ideas for Big Families | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #largefamilycooking #bigfamilydinner #familydinner #ihsnet

Beef Dinner Ideas

Chicken Dinner Ideas

Pasta Dinner Ideas



Easy Dinner Ideas for Families

35+ Outstanding Family Dinner Ideas for Big Families | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #largefamilycooking #bigfamilydinner #familydinner #ihsnet

Soup & Stews Dinner Ideas


Seafood Dinner Ideas

With so many fabulous dinner ideas for big families, your family meals will become a lot less about doubling a recipe and more about eating and spending time together. 



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