How to Develop Thinking Skills with Brain Games

Develop Thinking Skills with Brain Games | #ihsnetAs I’ve shared with you many times I have a child who is constantly needing more. He is always consuming brain games, puzzle books, mind-twisters, logic puzzles, and more, very quickly. He has an insatiable desire to gain more knowledge, to be challenged more and to need more mental stimulation. That’s why I try to keep on hand recreational math workbooks. So he always discovers something engaging here and there throughout our home.


I received these Brain Games, recreational math books, for free in exchange for my honest review and am being fairly compensated for my time.  I was not required to write a positive review, all opinions expressed are my own.

When I discovered these brain game puzzles to help develop critical thinking skills from Dover Publications, I was elated. One of the reasons these books come in so handy is through such recreational math and logic puzzle games a child can grow their reasoning abilities. But, it does so much more than that. It encourages learning without the rigors of a text-book.

Recreational Math Workbooks
Challenge the Mind with Brain Games

These are just a few of the titles that Dover Publications has available.

  • A First Sudoku Book 
  • The Ultimate Dot-To-Dot Book
  • Mind Twisters: Games, Puzzles and More!
  • Impossible Folding Puzzles and other Mathematical Paradoxes

Develop Thinking Skills with Brain Games | #ihsnet

I had initially intended to strew these over the course of several weeks. I really do need to write a post about the strewing method. When they came in I set them on the classroom table intending to go back and organize them for strewing purposes. However, when I went back to get them, my Young Man was sitting there working through Mind Twisters and I said,

“Oh, I see you discovered the new puzzle books.” 

He looked up with a glint in his eye and responded,

“Yes, I’m just about finished.” 

“With the Mind Twisters book?” I asked.

“No, I finished the Dot to Dot Book, and most of the Sudoku one, and I’m nearly finished with Mind Twisters.” 

I haven’t started th Impossible Folding Puzzles and other Mathematical Paradoxes, yet.”

So there you have it.

One thing I can be sure of when my child is happily being challenged, he’s either humming or whistling. While working through each of these books, there’s been a lot of both.

I grabbed my phone an snapped a few photos, in the moment, of him working the Mind Twisters book, and was able to get a couple of pictures of him as he was finishing up a Sudoku . For the Ultimate Dot-To-Dot Book he wanted to color it in, because he loves art.

That’s just the way it is when you have a child with gifted learning abilities. As much as you try to fill the ever-present need to gain more knowledge the student will work faster than you anticipate. 

Develop Thinking Skills with Brain Games | #ihsnet

That’s one reason I’m so thankful for Dover Publications. It’s one of those places that I can trust to find quality educational materials at affordable rates. They carry books for all ages of learning and even for moms and dads too. Their materials cover all basic subject areas but they also carry some outside the normal scope of learning supplies, such as, engineering, fashion and costuming, philosophy and religion and so much more.

How Brain Games Pique Curiosity in Students

Recreational math workbooks, logic & reasoning puzzles, brain games, and other challenging brainteaser puzzles have the ability to engage multiple areas of a child’s mind in the various activities. {Tweet That} This helps a child to grow in their reasoning development, which can aid in developing problem solving abilities. Through these curious experiences that result from intriguing puzzles a student will discover unexpected surprises.

When that happens, their interest is piqued. Before you know it, they are excitedly seeking to discover the next cool thing. They’ll being to search out the cool workbooks and puzzle books that might present them with both a challenge and a fun discovery at the same time.

He later went back and started working through Impossible Folding Puzzles. It however is more time-consuming and challenging. I do wish that this book were printed so that the pages that you need to cut were blank on the back, they recommend reproducing the page, but I don’t currently have a printer with copying capabilities. I did let him do a few that seemed most exciting to him. I will reproduce the rest when I have a chance to go to the library. These will be perfect for the summer months when I want to spur on his mind a bit.

Dover Publications is Celebrating 75 AnniversaryLogo

Dover Publications is celebrating their 75th anniversary. With their celebration they are offering you a special discount. Now through the end of the year, 12/3/2016 use this code: WHBO to take 25% all orders, sitewide! regardless of what subject, grade, or age level.

That is one great savings for homeschool moms! 


Whether you have children with gifted learning abilities not you can still challenge your children with critical thinking skills. These books and others like them are great for students 3rd grade or higher. Some are much more challenging, like the Impossible Folding Puzzles and Other Mathematical Paradoxes book, which is best suited for upper junior high through high school or students who are skilled with higher level math abilities.

Stop over and visit the Dover Publications website and take a look around, you’re going to find awesome books and educational products to help your kids with their educational success.



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