Social Instruction for the Gifted Child

Social Instruction for the Gifted Child | Renée at Great Peace #gtchat #gifted #ihsnet #homeschool

Children need instruction. They need to be taught how to interact in social situations. This is especially true of children who have a tendency to be intense. Emotional, physical and social intensity coupled with over-excitability are often seen in the gifted child. Which is why they have such a deep need for social instruction.   This post contains affiliate ad links. It seems that children who […] Read More

A Mother’s Role and Why You Should Discipline Your Child

A Mother's Role, Why You Should Discipline Your Child | Renée at Great Peace

From the earliest of ages, you can begin to discipline your child. The word discipline, means to disciple, to train to act in accordance with rules.   There are many forms of discipline, but the purpose of this discussion is to explore why you should begin to discipline your child from the earliest age and continue to teach, lead and guide discipline all the way […] Read More

How to Get Your Kids to Hate Bible Study

How to teach kids so they don't hate Bible Study

Learning With the Kids that Truth will Set You Free  Living in a society that claims that the Bible is fictional does not help the cause of a parent who is seeking to teach their child how to do Bible Study.  Nevertheless, we are given the responsibility by God to “Train up a child in the way that he should go…” Proverbs 22:6*. This abiding […] Read More

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son’s Heart for Responsibility

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son's Heart for Responsibility | #ihsnet

With Free Responsibility Scripture Art Printables In our home, we’ve been focused on training our young man in responsibility for his future role as a husband, provider, and leader. Training a boy to be responsible can be a difficult task. This can be especially true for moms.  For some reason, boys tend to “buck up” and listen when dad speaks more so than when mom does. […] Read More

How to be a Genuine Light of Hospitality to the World

How to be light of hospitality to your community. By Renée at Great Peace

Being hospitable comes naturally and easy to some while others can feel overwhelmed, shy and perhaps even unsure of what to do. I tend to be a little of both. Once I get started with a plan, I tend to feel natural in the process but often feel unsure that others would want to share in my hospitality. Whenever I have those feelings I tend […] Read More

How to Pray for Your Future Daughter-in-Law

5 Things to Pray for your Future Daughter-in-Law

I’m a boy mom. One day, he’ll be a man and hopefully, find a wife of his own and begin his own family. I want to have a great relationship with my future daughter-in-law. Not as an overbearing mother-in-law who doesn’t know her place, or as her bestie, nor as a replacement of her own mom. But, I do want to have a relationship with […] Read More

What is at the Heart of Authentic Christian Hospitality?

What is Authentic Christian0 Hospitality by Renée at Great Peace Academy

The Heart of Hospitality It is clear that scripture teaches us that Christians are to offer hospitality, to each other and as an act of entertaining strangers. But I think too often we become distracted with trying to serve perfectly than we lose focus toward offering authentic Christian hospitality. The reality is we are told to serve. We are told to love others. We are told to extend […] Read More

Is Christian Hospitality a Lifetime Commitment?

Is Christian Hospitality a Lifetime Commitment? by Renée at Great Peace

Our Christian Responsibility Toward Hospitality In the word of God we see hospitality both demonstrated and instructed. We only see the word hospitality in the Bible a few times, yet we see it demonstrated beautifully throughout the word of God. From the king and High Priest Melchizedek, through the beautiful stories of Jethro the father-in-law of Moses and Esther the unexpected queen, to the mother-in-law […] Read More