Why Homeschooling Your Gifted Child Can be the Right Choice

Why Homeschooling a Gifted Child Can be the Right Choice | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #gifted #giftedchildren #gtchat #ihsnet

Gifted children possess several cognitive differences from many other kids in their age groups. From mastering and learning new concepts at a faster rate to an insatiable desire to dissect and delve deeper into subjects, your gifted child may find a traditional classroom environment to be a tiresome one at best. This may mean that homeschooling your gifted child can be the right choice.   […] Read More

5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music Appreciation in your Homeschool

5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music in Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #musicappreciation #homeschool #ihsnet

Teaching music appreciation is an important component to homeschooling. While many don’t believe this to be true, music appreciation can be just as vital as the core subjects you teach from home. Music can serve as a foundation of math learning. Music can inspire creative thinking, writing, and dramatic reading. Music can bring peacefulness to the school day, or lift spirits when the winter doldrums […] Read More

52 Family Bonding Ideas for the Year

52 Family Bonding Ideas for the Entire Year | Renée at Great Peace #familytime #familybonding #gamenight #family #ihsnet

As we begin the new year it’s a great time to dedicate a goal for your family. It’s time to schedule family bonding time.  Oh, sure. I know, deep in your mind you want to believe it will be more meaningful if it’s spontaneous. You want to think family bonding should just come naturally. You want to hope that everyone will just get along and […] Read More

How to Manage Household Chores Daily

How to Manage Household Chores Daily | Renée at Great Peace #householdchores #homemaker #keeperathome #moms #wives

Having a clean house is an amazing way to feel comfortable and cozy in your environment. After all, a cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind, and who has time for that? But, if you take a few minutes each day to manage household chores clutter stays at bay. While many people love when their homes are clean and tidy, having to do the work […] Read More

Prepare the Home for Winter Illness

How to Prepare the Home for the Winter Illness Season | Renée at Great Peace #winterillness #seasonalsickness #coldandfluseason #homemaking #householdchores

This is the winter illness season for colds, flus, and other yucks! In our family we all have struggled with head colds, sore throats, headaches and achy bodies already and we’re only a few weeks into winter. There are a lot of people we know who’ve faced the crud and it seems to be lingering.   Just last evening Young Man ended up with a sick […] Read More

10 Things to NOT Do When Your Husband is a Loner

10 Things to Not Do When Your Husband is a Loner | Renée at Great Peace #marriagemoments #marriage #husbands #wives #lonerhusbands

When your husband is a loner, you may find yourself struggling with certain situations. From social gatherings to your own personal needs, it isn’t uncommon to feel frustrated as you attempt to navigate your marriage. The truth is though, your loner husband may also be feeling a little lost, especially when you try to force certain issues.  There are some things not to do when […] Read More

Family Dinner Ideas for Saturday Night

32 Family Dinner Ideas for Saturday Night | Renée at Great Peace #familydinnerideas #dinnerideas #mealplanning #family #dinner

Sitting down to a family dinner is an important part of every household and should be taking place at least once a week if not daily.  It is common knowledge that life gets busy for everyone, especially those that have a family. From long days at work and school to packing everyone up to cart them off to extracurricular activities, parents these days have a […] Read More

The New Years Bucket List for Families 

New Years Bucket List for Families | Renée at Great Peace #families #familytime #celebrations #newyears

New years is such an exciting time for both parents and children alike. Not only does the coming new year signify growth but it also brings in a fresh start. With plenty of opportunities to enjoy the new year as a family, there are ways to make it even better. This year, you can make a new years bucket list for your family. It is a […] Read More