Simple Cooking Tips Anyone Can Learn

Simple Cooking Tips Anyone Can Learn | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #cookingtips #familycooking

There are a few simple cooking tips that anyone can learn. If you’ve been feeling like the extent of your culinary skills encompasses heating up leftover pizza and pouring bowls of cereal, it is most likely time to home in on some more in-depth cooking skills. Not only is learning to cook better for your health but being able to make meals is a skill […] Read More

How to Start Teaching Music to Kids at an Early Age

How to Start Teaching Music to Kids at an Early Age | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #music #kidsandmusic #teachmusic #ihsnet

Introducing music into your little one’s life while they are still young is incredibly beneficial to their healthy development. In fact, music can have a positive influence on a child’s emotional, social emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth in several positive ways. The benefits of introducing music to your little ones are exponential and the good news is that you don’t have to be an […] Read More

Peaceful Life Quotes for when Life is Overwhelming

Peaceful Life Quotes for when Life is Overwhelming | Renée at Great Peace #peace #peacefullife #quotes #peacefulliving #seekingpeace #Christian #family #ihsnet

Life gets chaotic. From dealing with personal stress, parenting stress, life stress and even work stress we can easily find ourselves overwhelmed. Sometimes we can use a bit of a reminder to help remind us to seek peace in our lives. There are some Peaceful Life Quotes that can help us to ground ourselves, and find moments of calm amid the storms of life just […] Read More

Comprehensive Music Appreciation for Elementary Homeschool

Comprehensive Music Appreciation Curriculum for Elementary Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #homeschoolmusicappreciation #musicappreciation #curriculum #ihsnet

My son has a great hunger for music. Whether he’s learning at the piano, singing in worship, or studying the great classics he simply thinks in music. Which is one reason why homeschool music appreciation for the elementary years is so important. With his gifted mind gifted mind comes a rhythmic processing ability. Whenever he’s thinking, he’s humming, whenever he’s challenged he’s humming, whenever he […] Read More

8 Free Resources for Teaching Art Appreciation in Homeschool

8 Free Resources for Teaching Art Appreciation in Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #homeschoolart #artappreciation #ihsnet

Art appreciation can seem like a foreign field for parents who are homeschooling their kids. This could be because visual arts were not given high priority in the school systems we grew up in. But the reality is art appreciation isn’t as scary as it might seem.  You can incorporate art appreciation as a unit study with history acting as the spine of the study. […] Read More

15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family Will Love

15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family will Love | Renée at Great Peace #family #familybonding #familyactivities #ihsnet

Getting together with your family in the evening or on the weekend creates family bonding. Because you’ll be building memories that last a lifetime. Whether you prefer to keep it just your immediate family, or you host a get together for your best friends and their children, or a weekend with your cousins, you are going to want to ensure that you keep everyone entertained.  There […] Read More

Family Dinner Ideas with Enticing Chicken Recipes

16 Enticing Chicken Family Dinner Ideas | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #chickenrecipes #ihsnet

Because you can utilize it in so many ways chicken is such a versatile family dinner idea. It serves as a healthy protein that can be added to any casserole, or can serve as a stand alone main entree. And, chicken recipes are both budget friendly and healthy alternatives to other kinds of meats.  And, since most kids enjoy eating chicken you rarely have to […] Read More

5 Ideas for Low Cost Couples Getaways

5 Ideas for Low Cost Couples Getaways | Renée at Great Peace #marriagemoments #wifey #ihsnet

Marriage Moment: Prioritizing Time Together Just like I think it’s important to plan date nights throughout the year, I also think it’s important to plan some couples getaways every so often in your marriage. Once every year or two is a good rule of thumb, but of course you must determine what works best for your own family.   Perhaps the biggest hindrance for being able […] Read More