10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son's Heart for Responsibility | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son’s Heart for Responsibility

With Free Responsibility Scripture Art Printables In our home, we’ve been focused on training our young man in responsibility for his future role as a husband, […] Read More

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How to Find LEGO Instruction Manuals

Do your kids love LEGO Bricks? Most do, or at least they dabble in brick building from time to time.  Do you ever buy old […] Read More

5 Things to Pray for your Future Daughter-in-Law

How to Pray for Your Future Daughter-in-Law

I’m a boy mom. One day, he’ll be a man and hopefully, find a wife of his own and begin his own family. I want […] Read More

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Fascinating Bugs that Will Make you Squirm

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75 Outstanding Shark Resources that will Make you Squeal

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5 Mother and Son Dates | Great Peace Academy

5 Mother and Son Dates

I love being a boy mom. I’m always surprised though at how fast it’s going. I looked over the other day while I was driving […] Read More

25 Books for Boys List | Great Peace Academy

25 Boy Books Every Boy Should Read

Books for Boys to Read Jonathan has always been a good reader. The reality is, though, it’s not an activity he gravitates to for general […] Read More