5 Mother and Son Dates

I love being a boy mom. I’m always surprised though at how fast it’s going. I looked over the other day while I was driving down the road and Little Man was sitting in the front seat beside me and suddenly it occurred to me that my little boy looked quite like a man, albeit a young man, sitting there.  Which is why I want to […] Read More

Teaching Personal Care Life Skills to Your Gifted Teen

I find my son’s personal care skills quite fascinating. If he has a regular routine he accomplishes his personal care very adeptly. But, if I add a new requirement, or make changes to his routine, he gets frustrated, and forgetful. It’s really got me thinking about his adulthood and knowing that whatever routines I help him establish now, as a teenager, will carry him into […] Read More

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son’s Heart for Responsibility

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son's Heart for Responsibility | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

With Free Responsibility Scripture Art Printables In our home, we’ve been focused on training our young man in responsibility for his future role as a husband, provider, and leader. Training a boy to be responsible can be a difficult task. This can be especially true for moms.  For some reason, boys tend to “buck up” and listen when dad speaks more so than when mom does. […] Read More

How to Find LEGO Instruction Manuals

How to Find LEGO Instruction Manuals | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

Do your kids love LEGO Bricks? Most do, or at least they dabble in brick building from time to time.  Do you ever buy old sets of *LEGO® Bricks and realize the LEGO instruction manuals are missing? Or, maybe someone passed off a bin of bricks and there are several really cool parts that you aren’t sure what your kids can do with them. Did […] Read More

How to Pray for Your Future Daughter-in-Law

5 Things to Pray for your Future Daughter-in-Law

I’m a boy mom. One day, he’ll be a man and hopefully, find a wife of his own and begin his own family. I want to have a great relationship with my future daughter-in-law. Not as an overbearing mother-in-law who doesn’t know her place, or as her bestie, nor as a replacement of her own mom. But, I do want to have a relationship with […] Read More

Fascinating Bugs that Will Make you Squirm

Learn about Bugs that will make you squirm at Great Peace Academy

I have one of those boys that asks me questions all day long. On the one hand, I love that he’s enthusiastic about learning. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t know the answer. This is especially true when he asks me questions about bugs!  Every time he sees a bug he asks “Mom, what kind of insect is that?” Since I seldom actually know […] Read More

75 Outstanding Shark Resources that will Make you Squeal

75 Shark Learning Resources at Great Peace Academy

Shark Resources for Learning & Fun with Free Printable Sharks are fascinating! They have a reputation for danger, especially given the current events happening along the east coast. Couple that with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel , for 2016 Shark week begins on June 26, and you’ve found the perfect combination of prompts for learning. This is why I’ve gathered 75 shark resources for learning and […] Read More

25 Boy Books Every Boy Should Read

25 Books for Boys List | Great Peace Academy

Books for Boys to Read Jonathan has always been a good reader. The reality is, though, it’s not an activity he gravitates to for general pleasure. I want to change that. I want to encourage him to read, to want to read, not for research (which he does love doing) but simply for pleasure or inspiration. I want him to open a book and travel […] Read More