Incredible Index of Boy Fun | #boymom

Incredible Index for Boy Fun

Ideas, Tips, Printables & Active Fun For Boys of All Ages Part 1 Boys are different. At least to me they are. I grew up in a house […] Read More

Training up in Worship: Toys

This post will most likely step on some toes. If that’s the case, know that I write it from a heart that loves souls. This […] Read More

Training up my little prince. | Great Peace Academy

Training Up My Little Prince

I love teaching the fruit of the spirit to Little Man. In our academy, home and life you might often hear me ask him, “Does […] Read More

Give them your eyes, training a child to talk to adults, the importance of eye contact, by Renée at Great Peace Academy

Training Up: Look Them in the Eye

Teaching a Child the Importance of Eye Contact Training up a child is a full time, never ending job. Last week I went into a bank […] Read More