Set Your Minds: Worship in Spirit and Truth

Set Your Minds Worship in Spirit and Truth, devotional thoughts at Great Peace Academy

O’ Worship the King Worship is not about ourselves. It is not about how we feel or how it makes us feel. Worship is to give honor to God through adoring reverence. Worship is about adoring HIM. We Praise Him through the act of expressing our adoration of HIM. Worship is not about me, it is not about you, it is about Him. Doing this requires us […] Read More

Set Your Minds: Why Worship?

Set Your Minds: Why Worship? Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy

Why do we worship? We’ve previously looked at preparing our physical surroundings, preparing the things we need, preparing breakfast and preparing our minds. To continue on, I want to turn our focus to the purpose of worship as we learn to “SET YOUR MIND ON THINGS ABOVE.” Have you asked yourself, ‘Why Sunday?’ As we read through scripture we see that in the Old Testament from […] Read More

Set Your Mind: Prepare Your Mind

Prepare your Mind for Worship, devotional thoughts at Great Peace Academy.

Over the course of this series I have shared with you some of the ways that I prepare for the Lord’s Day. I have done this because I know how difficult it is as mom’s to get our families ready, fed and out of the house and to the place of worship on time and most especially in the right frame of mind.     If […] Read More

Preparing for Sanctification

Set Your Minds Preparing for Sanctification, Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy`

Set Your Minds: Sanctification  Preparing for Sanctification by Preparing  Your Hearts As mom’s we often are rushed on Sunday mornings. We have a lot to do getting a family ready, fed and out of the house in time for Bible class which can leave us feeling disconnected and without the proper frame of mind to go in to the Sacred Assembly to offer praise to our Father […] Read More

Set Your Minds: Making Lord’s Day Preparations

Set Your Minds: Preparing for Worship, Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy

Preparing for Worship For so many years, I felt like Sunday mornings were filled with rushing and lack of control. This was never my intention. I desire to be prepared both physically and spiritually to go into worship with a mind set to offer praise to the Father in humility of spirit.    Read all of the Set Your Mind Worship Series for Women.   […] Read More

A Mother’s Role and Why You Should Discipline Your Child

A Mother's Role, Why You Should Discipline Your Child | Renée at Great Peace

From the earliest of ages, you can begin to discipline your child. The word discipline, means to disciple, to train to act in accordance with rules.   There are many forms of discipline, but the purpose of this discussion is to explore why you should begin to discipline your child from the earliest age and continue to teach, lead and guide discipline all the way […] Read More

How to Set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance

How to set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance | Renée at Great Peace

Are You Imprisoned by Abundance? Have you ever looked around at American culture and noticed how much we truly have? From grocery store shelves to transportation to technology, our choices seem endless. Secular education is available to all, and jobs exist in fields I would never have imagined. Yet, in all this overabundance we are dissatisfied. The Struggle with Overabundance Someone else always has a […] Read More

How to Get Your Kids to Hate Bible Study

How to teach kids so they don't hate Bible Study

Learning With the Kids that Truth will Set You Free  Living in a society that claims that the Bible is fictional does not help the cause of a parent who is seeking to teach their child how to do Bible Study.  Nevertheless, we are given the responsibility by God to “Train up a child in the way that he should go…” Proverbs 22:6*. This abiding […] Read More