A Mother's Role, Why You Should Discipline Your Child | Renée at Great Peace

A Mother’s Role and Why You Should Discipline Your Child

From the earliest of ages, you can begin to discipline your child. The word discipline, means to disciple, to train to act in accordance with […] Read More

How to set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance | Renée at Great Peace

How to Set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance

Are You Imprisoned by Abundance? Have you ever looked around at American culture and noticed how much we truly have? From grocery store shelves to […] Read More

How to teach kids so they don't hate Bible Study

How to Get Your Kids to Hate Bible Study

Learning With the Kids that Truth will Set You Free  Living in a society that claims that the Bible is fictional does not help the […] Read More

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son's Heart for Responsibility | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son’s Heart for Responsibility

With Free Responsibility Scripture Art Printables In our home, we’ve been focused on training our young man in responsibility for his future role as a husband, […] Read More

Train up hearts for the Lord, by Renée at Great Peace

Train Up Hearts for the Lord

Mothers hold a special place in the lives of their children. As mamas we are uniquely blessed with qualities of gentleness, love, and tender hearts.  This […] Read More

Growing Up in God’s Word Bible Study Review

Teaching Bible Study Skills I’m taking a break from teaching from the Old Testament in our homeschool. I’ve decided to spend the spring teaching about […] Read More

Training my Child in the Spirit at Great Peace Academy

Training My Child in the Spirit

As a Christian, one who fervently believes in the sovereignty of the power and omniscience of God in Heaven, how could I do anything but […] Read More

Training Up In Worship… by Example

We have gone from training up from infancy to training up using discipline. My prayer is that through this series you are encouraged to walk […] Read More