Easy Family Dinner Ideas for a Get Together

Family Dinner Ideas for a Get Together | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinner #familydinnerideas #dinner #ihsnet

When you are hosting a family dinner and get together, there are a lot of things to consider. From invitations, theme and more, there is a lot to prepare. While there is a lot to take care of, one of the most important aspects of the planning process is the menu. You are going to want to seek out some easy family dinner ideas for […] Read More

Family Dinner Idea for a Pork Tenderloin

Family Dinner Idea with Pork Tenderloin | Renée at Great Peace #familydinnerideas #familydinner #dinner #porktenderloin #ihsnet

Pork Tenderloin can be super affordable. Which is why pork tenderloin is a great family dinner idea. They are simple to make, juicy, and full of needed protein. You can often find an entire tenderloin on sale for less than ten dollars. I like to buy them when they are on sale, then split them down into family sized portions and place in the freezer.  […] Read More

Family Dinner Ideas for Saturday Night

32 Family Dinner Ideas for Saturday Night | Renée at Great Peace #familydinnerideas #dinnerideas #mealplanning #family #dinner

Sitting down to a family dinner is an important part of every household and should be taking place at least once a week if not daily.  It is common knowledge that life gets busy for everyone, especially those that have a family. From long days at work and school to packing everyone up to cart them off to extracurricular activities, parents these days have a […] Read More

Fall Family Dinner Ideas Using Savory Pumpkin Recipes

Fall Family Dinner Ideas Using Savory Pumpkin Recipes | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #dinnerideas #fallrecipes #savorypumpkin

While it might seem trendy the reality is pumpkin is a wonderful vegetable that is super healthy. It’s readily available and not very expensive. So it makes a great vegetable to be the central theme of your fall family dinner ideas.  I’m sharing ideas from appetizers to savory breads. Maybe you haven’t thought about appetizers as a dinner idea. They are great when gathering with […] Read More

25 Autumn Dinner Ideas to Warm Up the Family

25 Autumn Dinner Ideas for your Family | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #autumndinnerideas #dinner

Autumn is in full swing here in northwest Missouri. The temperatures have dropped, The trees are turning those gorgeous colors and fall is definitely in the air. I love it. And I love when I can start letting go of hot summer dinner ideas and start focusing on autumn dinner ideas. It is my absolute favorite time of the year.  This is the time of […] Read More

Crock Pot Chicken Penne Meal a Delicious Winter Dinner Idea

Winter Dinner Idea: Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Penne | Renée at Great Peace #mealplanning #familydinnerideas #dinnerideas #chicken

When it’s cold outside, I like to fire up the crock pot for a winter dinner idea that is an easy, warm, and comforting meal. What can be more comforting that creamy pasta with chicken, mushrooms and spinach?         There is little doubt that pasta is a comfort food. And creamy alfredo sauce on top is so good.