Ten Free Learning Programs for the Summer

Ten Free Learning Programs for the Summer - Renée at Great Peace

Summer is a great time for sprinklers, water guns, tree climbing and nature hikes. But it’s also a great time for no-pressure learning. Free learning programs make learning even better. Be sure to read all the way through to the end to discover all ten free learning programs.  This post is a sponsored post containing links to 3rd party sites. I’m being fairly compensated for […] Read More

A Homeschool Writing Curriculum that Takes the Fear Out of Writing

A Homeschool Writing Curriculum that Takes the Fear Out of Writing | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool #writing @ApologiaWorld

For years now I’ve been telling you that writing is a struggle in our homeschool. Each year I set off to find the perfect homeschool writing solution to help my son get over the fear of writing. But today, I’m not going to tell you about the struggle. Why? Because we’ve finally solved the problem. Yes! You read that right. We’ve finally found the best […] Read More

Using a Self-Guided History Curriculum for High School Homeschool

Self-Guided History for Homeschool High School | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #history #highschool #ihsnet

By the time a student is in high school they most likely are working at an independent level. This is true for my son. It’s been true for several years now. In fact, he’s become his own teacher so to speak, while I’ve become more of a facilitator ensuring he is completing assigned work, reviewing any needed content and tracking his work. This new system […] Read More

10 Best Homeschool Math Outsourced Options Online

10 Resources for Outsourcing Homeschool Math Instruction | Renée at Great Peace #math #homeschooling #ihsnet

Math can be one of those subjects that gives pause to many homeschooling teachers. This mom included. It still gives me pause as my son speeds past my abilities time and time again. But one of the best pieces of homeschooling advice I’ve ever learned was the  idea of outsourcing. I do this with online math resources. This post may contain affiliate links to products […] Read More

We’re Homeschooling High School and Our 9th Grade Curriculum Picks

Homeschooling High School 9th Grade Curriculum Picks | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homeschool

Ninth Grade y’all, seriously! I don’t think I’m ready for this and when I sit down and think about homeschooling high school I have panic attacks. It reminds me so much of those first few years when I started homeschooling, and then discovering what giftedness looks like.  I know this feeling is both an emotional response to him growing older and that overall lack of […] Read More

How to Find Help to Identify Gaps in Gifted Math Learning

How to Find Help to Identify Gaps in Gifted Math Learning | Renée at Great Peace #math #gifted #ihsnet

I know it seems silly to say, but I sometimes wonder if my academically gifted child has gaps in learning. But the reality is, I do worry about that. This is especially true in math. Since he’s working 3 to 4 years ahead of his “grade/age” level I wonder if the speed at which he’s working is skipping over areas that he might be missing. […] Read More

Just the Presidential Facts Notebooking Pages

Just the Presidential Facts FREE Notebooking Pages | ReneeatGreatPeace.com #ihsnet #homeschool

It’s inaugural week. That means on Friday the 20th of January at high noon eastern time, a new President of the United States of America will be inaugurated as the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. I’ve updated the Presidential Facts Notebooking Pages to include the 45th President, Donald Trump. Get your free download here. This post contains affiliate advertisement links.   […] Read More

How to Spark Creativity with Homeschool Art Lessons

How to Spark Creativity with Homeschool Art Lessons | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #art #artlessons #homeschoolart #ihsnet

I’ve known for a very long time that my son had a unique gift when it comes to artwork. He can just sort of see something in his mind, and before you know it he puts it to paper in amazing detail. He kind of sees things in 3 dimensions. I’ve wanted to provide him with homeschool art lessons for a long time.  But, I […] Read More