Why Art Appreciation Starts with Hands-On Art

Why Art Appreciation Starts with Hands-On Art | Renée at Great Peace

 Art appreciation is a wonderful area of study and the earlier you start the greater appreciation your child will have for a variety of art forms. Exposing children to art, early in life is often not seen as important as it should be. Instilling an appreciation for art within your children encourages self-expression, exploration, self-esteem, logical thinking, creativity and imagination. Experiencing art early in their youth […] Read More

5 Ways Dad Can Bond with His Boys

.The family bond between a father and son is incredibly important. The bond a young man feels with his father has an impact on his development, resiliency and self-esteem both early and later in life. This means, it is crucial for dads to bond with their boys as often as possible, creating a strong emotional connection and bond.  For boys, bonding with their dad helps […] Read More

Top 10 Free Music Resources for your Homeschool

10 Free Music Resources for Your Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #music #homeschool #musicappreciation #musicinhomeschool #ihsnet

Let’s face it, many homeschoolers are just scraping by as they try to provide their kids with quality education. Like public schools, we have to budget our funds and often we choose to leave out some areas of learning because of it. But, musical arts doesn’t need to be left out when you can utilize free music resources. Homeschooling has its joys and disappointments. Sometimes, […] Read More

New Resource for Teaching Apologetics in Your Homeschool

New Resource for Teaching Apologetics in Your Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #apologetics #fossils #science #ihsnet

How often have you as a Christian homeschooling mom set out to introduce a science concept to your child and you find yourself doing a lot of eye-rolling about the content? I’m guessing it happens a lot. That’s because as Christians we believe in a creation worldview. We know the importance of teaching apologetics in homeschool but struggle to find balance in the content presented […] Read More

Why Homeschooling Your Gifted Child Can be the Right Choice

Why Homeschooling a Gifted Child Can be the Right Choice | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #gifted #giftedchildren #gtchat #ihsnet

Gifted children possess several cognitive differences from many other kids in their age groups. From mastering and learning new concepts at a faster rate to an insatiable desire to dissect and delve deeper into subjects, your gifted child may find a traditional classroom environment to be a tiresome one at best. This may mean that homeschooling your gifted child can be the right choice.   […] Read More

5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music Appreciation in your Homeschool

5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music in Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #musicappreciation #homeschool #ihsnet

Teaching music appreciation is an important component to homeschooling. While many don’t believe this to be true, music appreciation can be just as vital as the core subjects you teach from home. Music can serve as a foundation of math learning. Music can inspire creative thinking, writing, and dramatic reading. Music can bring peacefulness to the school day, or lift spirits when the winter doldrums […] Read More

Organize the Entire Year with an Online Homeschool Planner

Organize the Entire Year with an Amazing Online Homeschool Planner from Homeschool Planet | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #ihsnet #planner #organizer

Sometimes homeschooling looks a bit chaotic. Well, let’s face it, sometimes life can look a bit chaotic. Which is why having a homeschool planner that also serves as an organizer for the whole family is important.     Family life can get complicated quickly. Sometimes it’s due to my husband’s work and travel schedule. Other times it’s because of my son’s occupational, and speech therapy. […] Read More

How to Teach the Art of Portrait Drawings in Homeschool

How to Teach Homeschool Art Portrait Drawings | Renée at Great Peace #homeschoolart #portraitdrawings #art #ihsnet

Did you know you can teach homeschool art with very little difficulty? You can I’m sharing my favorite resource below for teaching comprehensive art lessons inside your own home. My son loves art. He’s always been one to doodle and sketch his way through a day. This past summer he asked me if there was a way that he could learn how to do portrait […] Read More