Exploring the Cleveland Zoo

Bigger and More Interactive than Expected While we were visiting Cleveland one of the field trips I was most excited about was to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Exploring a zoo can be so exciting because each zoo is unique. The Cleveland Zoo was much larger than I anticipated and I especially found their indoor facilities to be well laid out and very interactive.      […] Read More

Exploring the Great Lakes Science Center

Hands On Learning and 3D Experience The third site we explored while visiting Cleveland was the Great Lakes Science Center. As it’s name indicates the science center sits right on the coast of Lake Eerie. It has a wide variety of hands on science activities for children of all ages to explore.  I was thrilled to be able to meet up with my blogging friend +Colleen […] Read More

Exploring the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Ants, Butterflies & Flowers Oh My! While we were in Cleveland exploring the  educational options that the city has to offer. Our first stop was the Aquarium which I told you about last week. Our plan had been to go to the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday however, we experienced one of those Cleveland winter weather events you are always hearing about on the news. So […] Read More

Exploring the Cleveland Aquarium

An Ohio Homeschool Field Trip At the end of this post you will find a link to where you can purchase my book Ohio-Homeschooling. It contains many resources for field trips and other ideas for homeschooling in Ohio.   This past week our little family was in Cleveland Ohio. My Beloved husband was working a freelance television production job as an audio engineer for the […] Read More

A Sneak Peek at Ohio Homeschooling

A Look Inside When I started writing Ohio Homeschooling it was going to be just a chapter. Then I came to realize the vast opportunities that exist in this state and thought back to when I began homeschooling. I thought about how I was concerned, worried, unsure and even fearful because I didn’t really know what I was doing. That is when I realized the […] Read More

Answering the Socialization Question | Great Peace Academy

This Week…Voicing School Choice

Opinions Matter Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying family time this week. My Beloved is home for the first weekend in months so we are looking forward to time together.  Sorry the “This Week…” post is a bit late. Below I’ve shared a couple of resources through my affiliate links. If you think you might like them, check out there home on the web. […] Read More

Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory

eBook Released for Sale I’m excited to share with you that I have completed my Ohio Homeschooling Guide and Directory. I have been working for months to provide a resource for the Ohio homeschooling community which will serve as a guide for how to homeschool as well as a directory for resources, classes, co-ops, field trips and more. I’ve shared a few sneak peaks with […] Read More

What Happens When you Anger 24,000+ Homeschoolers?

Back Pedaling Yesterday I wrote to you and told you about a proposed legislative bill in the state of Ohio, of which I am a resident. This bill, introduced on December 3, if it were to stand, would effectively eliminate a parents right to make educational decisions for their children and put that right solely in the hands of the very agency that failed to […] Read More