2015 Homeschool Certificates available exclusively at Great Peace Academy.com

New Homeschool Certificates for 2015

It’s the end of the school year! Yes! Can you believe it? For homeschooling mamas, like me, after a long cold winter we turn our […] Read More

Incredible FREE Homeschool Printable Resources | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #homeschool

Incredible Homeschool Printable Resources

Over 100 Printable Resources As homeschoolers we are often on the hunt for great printable resources that are easy to use, easy to attain and […] Read More

Homeschool Award Printable Certificates

2014 Certificates of Achievement It’s coming close to the end of the year. As homeschoolers we look around and gather our papers, prep portfolios, schedule […] Read More

Catching the Olympic Spirit in Homeschool

Resources for Olympic Unit Study This post contains affiliate links to products which are ideal for an Olympic Unit Study.I love the Olympics. It doesn’t […] Read More

2-Year Blog Planner

Helping to Keep Your Blogging Life Organized    This one is for all my blogging friends. I’d like to introduce to you my brand new […] Read More

Early Learning, Teach Counting with LEGO Math and Counting sheets, Free Printable | Great Peace Academy

Early Math Education with LEGO Math

Let’s Talk about Counting From the very earliest of ages you can start teaching math concepts to your toddler or preschooler using the LEGO® bricks as if they […] Read More

Free literary guides, guided book and poetry reports for elementary students, free printables at Great Peace Academy

Homeschool Literary Guides Download

Free Downloads for Back to Homeschool As school starts and homeschool teachers begin to put together lesson plans we can often find that the available […] Read More

End of Year Awards

I am steeped in planning the end of year awards ceremony and open house for our homeschool support group. We allow each parent to choose […] Read More