Central Ohio Field Trips for Homeschoolers to Explore

A Wealth of Options for Central Ohio Field Trips

Central Ohio Field Trips for Homeschoolers to Explore | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet #homeschool

Field trip opportunities in the state of Ohio are abundant, especially in central Ohio. I’ve lived in this state for 15 years and my husband grew up a Buckeye. Sometimes though, when you live in a place you take for granted all that it has to offer. I was surprised to find the wealth of homeschool field trip opportunities in the state. 

Central Ohio Field Trips for The Arts

Central Ohio Field Trips for Theater/Ballet

Central Ohio Field Trips for Business & Industry

Central Ohio Field Trips for History

Central Ohio Field Trips for Science 

Central Ohio Field Trips for Arboretums, Parks & Nature Preserves

Central Ohio Field Trips for Sports/Sporting Events

Central Ohio Field Trips for  Zoo’s/Animal Preserves

Central Ohio Other Fun Field Trips for Kids

If you live in or are visiting with us in the state of Ohio, I do hope you will check out some of these great locations. Who knows perhaps you will find your family’s next great vacations spot or learn something that you didn’t previously know. 

What are your favorite locations to visit in Central Ohio? Where do you take your kids for homeschool field trips? I’d love to know. Share your Central Ohio field trip experiences with me in comments below.
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  1. Did you know that at Skate Zone 71, the local Rollerskating & Laser tag facility in North Columbus, does a Once A Month “Home School” Rollerskate!

    December 7
    January 11
    February 8
    March 15
    April 12
    $7.00 per person includes: Admission & Skate Rental

    Please spread the word!!!

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