100+ Homeschooling Gifted Resources

Challenging the Gifted Mind


Homeschooling is daunting for anyone. Factor in the child who has an intense need for more mental challenge and any homeschool mom would find herself feeling overwhelmed. Because these children learn, understand and assimilate information at a faster rate, they become bored quicker and lose interest thinking they have mastered a given problem or puzzle.

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They have a constant need for more, more information, more challenges, more puzzles, and more knowledge.

Have you ever had a child come in from playing outside on a hot day, and they get a glass of water and drink it down in seemingly one gulp, then fill it up again to get more? That’s kind of what it’s like for gifted kids. They consume books, and research like we consume water on a hot day.

I’ve gathered for you resources where you can find materials, information, and challenges to meet the need of your child’s gifted.

Homeschooling Gifted Resources

Challenge Gifted Children


Support Organizations

  1. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
  2. 2e Newsletter
  3. Davidson Institute for Talent Development
  4. Gifted Child Society
  5. Hoagies Gifted Education Page
  6. Gifted Development Center
  7. Gifted Support Center
  8. High Ability
  9. Malone Family Foundation
  10. IGGY
  11. Association for the Gifted Underachieving Student
  12. Mensa
  13. Mensa for Kids
  14. My Gifted Girl & Facebook Community
  15. My Gifted Guy, Facebook Community
  16. National Association of Gifted Children
  17. National Society for the Gifted and Talented
  18. Our Gifted Online Community, Facebook Community
  19. The SAGE Center for Gifted & Talented
  20. Summit Center
  21. Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted
  22. The Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children
  23. Uniquely Gifted

Classes, Camps, & Universities Offering Gifted Education Research, & Services

  1. Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University
  2. Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University
  3. Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), Stanford University
  4. Gifted Education Research Institute (GERI), Perdue University
  5. National Research Center for Gifted Education & Talent Development (NRC/GT) – University of Connecticut
  6. Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences, Talented High School Science & Math, Carnegie Mellon University
  7. Summer Institute for the Gifted, Columbia University
  8. The College of William and Mary: Gifted Education Center
  9. The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education, Denver University
  10. Ricks Center
  11. TIP (Talent Identification Program), Duke University
  12. Art of Problem Solving, for High Performing Math Students
  13. Athena’s Academy
  14. California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA), Summer Program for Talented and Motivated Students
  15. Fusion Academy
  16. Helios New School for Gifted Children
  17. Heroes Academy for the Gifted
  18. ID Tech; Camps, Academies & Online for Tech Education
  19. Gelston’s One Room Schoolhouse
  20. Odyssey of the Mind
  21. Online G3
  22. Space Camp
  23. Summer Science Program
  24. Gifted Kids

Gifted Conferences

  1. GATE Conference, California Association for Gifted
  2. International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness Conference
  3. NAGC Conferences & Seminars
  4. New England Conference on Gifted & Talented Education
  5. SENGinars
  6. World Council for Gifted & Talented Children

Gifted Publishers

  1. The Critical Thinking Company
  2. Prufrock Press
  3. Free Spirit Publishing
  4. Royal Fireworks Press
  5. Gifted Education Press
  6. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Press
  7. Great Potential Press
  8. Rising Stars

Books for Parenting a Gifted Child

Resources for Gifted Children

  1. Learning Planet
  2. Brain Pop
  3. Creative Kids Magazine, Prufrock Press
  4. Cricket Magazines
  5. GHF Online Classes
  6. Gifted Kids
  7. Scratch
  8. MIT Edgerton Center

Mental Health Professionals who Provide Gifted Services

  1. Aimee Yermish, PsyD, Stow MA
  2. Cal Dominique, LMFT, San Francisco, CA
  3. Christine Borgelt, PH.D., Lansdowne, VA
  4. Connie Wax, LCSW, Los Alamitos, CA
  5. Elinor Bashe, Psy.D., Highland Park, NJ
  6. Gail Post, PhD. Jenkintown, PA
  7. Grace Malonai, LPCC, Walnut Creek, CA
  8. Laura Johnson, LMFT, LPCC, Saratoga, CA
  9. Lynne Azpeitia, MA, LMFT, Santa Monica CA
  10. Paula Prober, M.S. M.Ed. L.P.C., Eugene, OR
  11. Sarida Paley, PsyD, Redwood City, CA
  12. Scott Leiter, MA, PLLC, Seattle WA

Other Gifted Bloggers

  1. Colleen from Raising Lifelong Learners
  2. Cindy from Our Journey Westward
  3. Heather from Blog, She Wrote
  4. Joan from Unschool Rules
  5. Cait from My Little Poppies
  6. Ginny from Not So Formulaic
  7. Sallie Borrink
  8. Lara at Everyday Graces
  9. Gina at Oaxaborn

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Homeschooling your gifted child, is a challenge to be sure. It can be exhausting, worrisome and often times a struggle. But, it can also bring joy, wonder and excitement to your life as you watch your child grow and expand their thinking in ways you most likely never imagined. It’s a world of wonder and you get to explore it along side your unique and brilliant child. Take time, to find joy in the amazing gift that is your child.

Be sure to visit Homeschooling the Gifted Child.

What about you? How do you challenge your child’s mind?
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 *Disclaimer: I am neither a psychologist or educational expert, but I share with you information that I have learned through my own study concerning my gifted child. 


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100+ Homeschooling Gifted Resources

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