How to Make Communication in Marriage a Priority

A healthy marriage requires good communication. In fact, it is an essential component of a satisfying and healthy relationship between married couples. Effective communication can allow each person to share ideas, information, and feelings that are crucial to the foundation of your bond. This is why it’s important to be actively making communication in marriage a priority.

How to Make Communication in Marriage a Priority | Renée at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #Christianmarriage #communication #wives #wifey #husbands
How to Make Communication in Marriage a Priority | Renée at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #Christianmarriage #communication #wives #wifey #husbands

It is also important to note that communication in marriage is not just verbal. In fact, communication can also include your body language and facial expressions, and actions taken.

For example, if you are angry and decided to take scissors and cut up your husband’s favorite shirt you would definitely be communicating, non-verbally, that you are angry. 

By the same token, if you get up early to cook your husband’s favorite breakfast before he has a big meeting at work, you’ll be communicating, non-verbally, your love and support for him.

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How to Make Effective Communication in Marriage a Priority

Have Daily Rituals

It is important that you create daily communication rituals that stick. In the morning before going your separate ways, spend a few minutes speaking to each other about your plans for the day. Make sure to really listen to each other.

This is also important at the end of the day when you reunite. Set aside at least 10 minutes to communicate the most important parts of your days. Remember to be supportive and understanding.

Schedule a check-in time with each other as part of your day. Maybe it’s during lunch and you agree to send a text, or make a call to each other to check-in and see how the day is going. It’s a great time to ask, Is there anything I can pray about for you? Or, you can verify any plans for the evening.

The key is that even though you may be apart during the day, your life is still a companionable experience.

Express Your Love

How to Make Communication in Marriage a Priority | Renée at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #Christianmarriage #communication #wives #wifey #husbands
How to Make Communication in Marriage a Priority | Renée at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #Christianmarriage #communication #wives #wifey #husbands

Throughout the day it is important to keep your communication open. You can text, call or leave each other little notes. Find a few minutes each day to encourage your spouse, letting them know you appreciate them.

It is also important to ensure that you are physically affectionate, after all, some communication in non-verbal.

Be sure to hold hands, give back rubs, kisses and hugs whenever possible. Physical affection is a great way to communicate your feelings.

Have Weekly Alone Time

While it may be difficult to find the time to spend alone, it is important to devote a few hours to each other each week. Spend the time talking to each other, exploring each other’s thoughts, interests, and feelings.

This doesn’t mean that you may have to find a sitter or go out on an expensive date, simply sitting out on the deck sipping a tea after the kids go to bed is a great way to connect and communicate.

Schedule Monthly Date Nights

If you’ve followed my Marriage Moments for long you know that I’m a huge proponent of husbands and wives dating each other throughout their marriage. I think a scheduled monthly date night is just as important to the health of a marriage as what takes place in the bedroom. 

The date doesn’t have to be expensive. It could just be a quick trip to the local ice cream shop for cones. But, it allows you to have a time where you just focus on each other, share information, explore ideas together. 

Get ideas for your dates with: A Year’s Worth of Ideas for Marriage Date Nights.

Schedule an Annual Getaway

Admittedly, this may be difficult to do. But, let the kids have a sleepover, or ask grandma to come stay with them and book a mini getaway for you and your spouse at least once per year. 
Scheduling a getaway allows you to relax more. Being alone with your husband gives you a chance to remember what it’s like to just be the two of you. Knowing that you only have to focus on each other for a couple of days means you can communicate things that maybe you’ve been keeping to yourself because you don’t want others to overhear. 

It is important to make communication a priority in marriage. The strength of your relationship depends on it. Remember to have daily rituals, express your love in little ways throughout the day and set aside time weekly, and monthly, and annually to have alone time.

Doing these things will increase your communication, help you to connect more effectively and solidify your relationship. Effective communication in marriage is the foundation of a great relationship, so always ensure it is a priority.

What are some ways that you make communication a priority in your marriage? Share your best tips in comments. 

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How to Make Communication in Marriage a Priority

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