Creative Writing in Homeschool

When I first made the decision to begin homeschooling I imagined that my son and I would sit together all day and write marvelous things. Being a writer myself I assumed it would be a natural fit to teach him creative writing.

Creative Writing in Homeschool | #creativewriting #homeschool #writinginhomeschool #homeschoolmoms #ihsnet

I quickly discovered that while he excelled at reading, math, science and even grammar his reality was that creative writing wouldn’t come easy. If fact, over the years creative writing has been the biggest struggle for our homeschooling experience.

Throughout our years of homeschooling I’ve discovered that the more I pushed writing on him the more he would resist it. It wasn’t going to be me who taught him creative writing.

So then, I was left with how would he learn to take his thoughts and put them into written, or for that matter spoken word?

I’ve given a lot of different things a try. I’ve tried written curriculum, as well as outside the box kind of materials.

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Learn More About Teaching Creative Writing in Homeschool

I’m thankful that he has eventually found his writing voice. Through a few different resource he’s come into his own when it comes to creative writing.

He’s got a great writing voice!

Creative Writing in Homeschool | #creativewriting #homeschool #writinginhomeschool #homeschoolmoms #ihsnet

He went from hating creative writing to having a desire to be an author! So it’s entirely possible to teach creative writing in your homeschool and do it successfully.

Keep in mind, creative writing, the process of writing is a communication skill. Some children, and even adults, might struggle with communication. This can be true for many different reasons.

Seeking Help When Needed for Creative Writing Struggles

Did you know that you can seek help from a Speech Therapist for writing struggles? It’s true! I discovered this quite by accident when I took my son to a speech therapist for a stuttering issue. She asked me about his writing, and when I explained what we had been dealing with, she suggested letting her help!

Since then, he’s grown in his creative writing ability and even looks forward to sharing his stories with her and others.

What about you? Have you found the creative writing key that works for your homeschool? I’d love to hear about your journey. Tell me a little in the comments below.

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