Customizing Language Arts

How I Teach English in Homeschool

Somewhere between when I graduated high school and started teaching homeschool (yes, I do realize that is a long time) they went from calling “English” to “Language Arts.” The reality is our goal is to teach our children the proper usage of the English language. That is the approach I take. It’s all about English. Below I’ll be sharing some links to affiliate products which I use in my own homeschool and recommend for your consideration. 

I choose to customize our Language Arts.  That simply means I do not follow any predetermined format for teaching these skills. I’ve done this since I first began homeschooling.

I determine the goals that I want my son to have, then I find materials (Yes, I don’t buy curriculum) from a variety of places, many are free from online sources.

This year I began using “Designing Your Language Arts Curriculum” by Jimmie Lanley. This e-Book helped me to find confidence to continue my approach. the book she offers advice which will help give you direction if you’ve never created your own curriculum. She also includes web links throughout to help you find materials, via downloads and printables, some of which are free.

My Language Arts Plan

  • Grammar: Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Writing: with WriteShop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Proofreading:  A Sentence a Day, Monday – Thursday 
  • Literature: Reading Comprehension Monday and Thursday. Classic Reading Tuesday and Wednesday as well as free reading on Friday and weekends.


This post is a part of the iHomeschool Network’s How I Teach Hopscotch Series. It’s your turn to hop over and see how my friends are teaching.

How do you teach language arts in your homeschool? Do you use a set curriculum or do you design your own? 


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