5 Ways Dad Can Bond with His Boys

.The family bond between a father and son is incredibly important. The bond a young man feels with his father has an impact on his development, resiliency and self-esteem both early and later in life. This means, it is crucial for dads to bond with their boys as often as possible, creating a strong emotional connection and bond. 

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For boys, bonding with their dad helps them to develop their masculinity.

  • They can learn how to be good leaders.
  • Dads can model strength in ways that moms simply can not.
  • He teaches his son how to be a good protector.
  • He can teach his son how to be a good provider.
  • Dads help their boys learn an internal strength that is uniquely different from a woman’s. 

There are several ways a dad can bond with his boys, strengthening the family bond and facilitating a great relationship. For this post I’ll be sharing ideas for dads to bond with their sons. 

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If you are a mom, feel free to share these tips with your husband, or send him a link to read these ideas for himself.

5 Tips for Dads to Bond with Their Boys

1. Purpose Time

No matter how busy dad may be with work and home life, it is important to make time every week to spend time with your son. Even if dad doesn’t have an overabundance of time, it’s important to remember quality is important.

  • Maybe make every Friday night father-son video game night.
  • Choose Wednesday night pizza nights.
  • Make a monthly plan to go play a round of golf, or go to the arcade.
  • Set a Sunday night Sundae run for just the boys.

It doesn’t matter what you do or when you choose to do it, just having that time set aside every week will help dad to connect with his son. Be sure to stick to your arrangements! This is key, because by making the son a priority is key to develop that father/son bond.

2. Ask Him to Help 

Boys want to learn how to do masculine things. They look to their dads to teach them such things. Dad can turn regular household tasks into bonding experiences.

It’s easy believe your son would rather relax and play video games all day, and they might even display that attitude. But, it’s importation for dad to set the tone, and set expectations. Boys might grumble, but in the end you may be pleasantly surprised by how ambitious he is to help you out.

Whether you are fixing a door that is falling off the hinges or simply raking the lawn together, performing tasks is a great way to bond with your son.


3. Listen to Him 

As adults, sometimes we forget just how difficult it can be to be a child. Kids may not have the same worries as you do, but that doesn’t make them any less significant to them.

It’s important to listen to what your son has to say, and really listen. Put down your phone, turn off the television and focus on the things he is attempting to convey to you. Even if you think the topic, or discussion is trivial, the reality is if it’s important to him, it should be important to dad.

While you may find that it’s difficult to get him to open up to you keep working at it until he begins to trust that you will listen and he will know he can speak to you. Opening up the lines of communication, listening without judgment and offering an environment conducive to honesty will strengthen the connection you have with your son.

4. Do Something He Enjoys 

Dad, you may not enjoy playing video games or attempting fun new skateboard tricks, but if that is what your son enjoys, why not give it a go? Taking interest in the things that your son loves is a great way to truly connect and show him that you are interested in his life.

You will find that participating in things your son is interested in will make your bond much stronger, and you may even learn a thing or two from him. 

Try doing a fun STEM project like these from Academics in a Box Inc.

5. Express Your Love 

While you may not be the kind of guy who is comfortable expressing your feelings, that is something you are going to have to get over.

It is important that we tell our children how much we love them and give them positive words of encouragement as often as possible. Expressing your love isn’t just limited to words either, a physical pat on the back or tussle of his hair will go a long way to showing him you care. 

If you really want to connect with your son, it is important to make time to spend with him, do household tasks together, listen to him, take an interest in the things he loves and express your love to him. In no time, you will feel that connection becoming stronger than ever. 



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5 Ways Dad Can Bond with His Boys

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