Date Night Dinner Ideas For Married Couples

When it comes to date night ideas are you stuck in a rut? It can be so easy to do the same date every time you go out for dinner with your husband. This is especially true if you live in a small town. But you don’t have to stay with the same dinner time and time again. There are some clever ways you can enjoy fabulous date night dinner ideas with these unexpected, and possibly more affordable tips. 

Date Night Dinner Ideas for Married Couples | #marriage #wives #datenights #dateyourspouse

The thing is even if you don’t have a lot of options in your hometown you can think outside the restaurant box and do things your own way. And, if you live near a larger town or even a metro then you’ll have even more amazing ideas to try out.

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6 Date Night Dinner Ideas for your Marriage

1- Dinner At Home

Who says that a romantic date night has to be a night out? I’m sure there are some people who say that. The truth is when you are a stay-at-home mom, a homeschooler, a homemaker you want to get out of the house from time to time.

But, going out is expensive! And, in the last year, it’s only gotten more and more expensive. So instead of going out for dinner try this Romantic Dinner for Two At Home.

Date Night Dinner Ideas for Married Couples | #marriage #wives #datenights #dateyourspouse

Instead of going out for dinner, stay in and cook a meal together. There’s something so special about sharing the kitchen and both of you working on building a meal. Then set down to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

You’ll be more relaxed at home and can just share your thoughts without worrying about what is going on around you.
Plus, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but restaurants, even really nice ones, have gotten to be so noisy. It’s hard to talk and enjoy a conversation. When you stay in, you can truly listen to each other.

2- Take a Trip to the Grocery Store

But when you want to get out of the house but just are tired of the same restaurant every time you go out I want you to try something new. Instead of going to a restaurant go to the grocery store. What?!?

Yes… so most grocery stores have an amazing deli where they sell foods that are already cooked. You can find some incredible meals at the grocery deli.

If nothing else you can build a simple charcuterie basket of goodies and head to a picnic table at a local park.

Some grocery stores have actual restaurants INSIDE their store. I’m not talking Subway at Wal-mart. I’m talking about a sit-down steak house. Even if yours doesn’t check out the deli section and look for foods like BBQ chicken with twice-baked potatoes.

If there is a cafeteria in the store, go ahead and sit there and enjoy your meal. If not, take it to a local park for a picnic. Or, just go find a quiet place to park, and eat in the car while you listen to your favorite songs on the radio.

3- Skip Dinner and Get Dessert

Even in small towns, you can find some incredible dessert options. Maybe it’s visiting the local bakery shop, or perhaps you can go to the coffee shop that also sells some pastries.

Date Night Dinner Ideas for Married Couples | #marriage #wives #datenights #dateyourspouse

Other options for date night dessert are an ice cream shop. Or, you can just get dessert at whatever restaurants are near you. For example, there is a cafe near us, that has AMAZING pie. We don’t go there often but when we do… pie is definitely on our plate. And, then, you can always pick up a great dessert at the grocery and take it somewhere that’s special to the two of you.

4- Dinner At the Movies

A lot of theaters have added a restaurant feature to their offerings. You go to the movie, get your ticket, order dinner and they’ll deliver it to your seat. 

Speaking of seats… the seats in theaters these days are incredibly comfortable. A lot of them are leather recliners with heat/cool or massage options.

So you can kick back, relax, and enjoy dinner at the movies.

5- Skip the Expensive Date Night

No, I’m not saying skip date night. I’m saying skip expensive. Why do we think we have to get all dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant for it to be date night? Skip the expensive fancy restaurant and head to your favorite pizza place or fast-food restaurant.

Date Night Dinner Ideas for Married Couples | #marriage #wives #datenights #dateyourspouse

Nearly 30 years ago when my Beloved and I got married we were basically broke. But, we had the best time going to McDonald’s for $0.50 cones. They’re $1 now… but still super affordable.

We also loved getting Taco Bell for late night date nights after he’d work an evening schedule. So head to whatever restaurant brings back those fun moments of nostalgia.

The goal isn’t about how expensive, or how fancy, your date night dinner is. If that’s what your focus is you are missing the point of a date night for your marriage. The most important part is time, the dedicated time you are able to spend with your spouse.

6- Try Something New for Dinner

Maybe you’ve never tasted the tangy flavors of dolmas, stuffed grape leaves, which are a native food around the Meditteranean. Or, you could try sushi, borscht, or a General Tso’s at the local Chinese restaurant.

Often you can find one or two ethnic restaurants around town that you’ve never tried. Date night is the perfect time to try new things. It can be a fun experience and even if you walk away deciding that you didn’t like the food, you’ll have built a lasting memory for just the two of you.

Ok, what do you think? Did you find an idea that sparked your imagination for planning out your next date night dinner? Tell me in the comments below what you’re planning to do. I’d love to know.

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Date Night Dinner Ideas For Married Couples

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