5 Date Night Ideas When Your Husband is a Loner

If you are married to a loner, you may be craving a date night. Especially if you are an extrovert. You see, while your husband may prefer to stay home and away from social situations, sometimes you just want to get out and participate in some fun and romantic time, even if it is just the two of you.

So how do you come up with fun date night ideas when your husband is a loner? The truth is, it isn’t that difficult. In fact, overthinking it will only add undue stress.

5 Marriage Date Nights When Your Husband is a Loner | Renée at Great Peace #MarriageMoments #marriage #husbands #wives #datenights

While many believe that a date night has to revolve around crowded restaurants, or participating in big events in town, that is simply not true. Low key date nights can actually be quite enjoyable for both loners and extroverts. And, you’ll likely discover they are more romantic after all.

There are several date night ideas when your husband is a loner that you can arrange, and both of you will enjoy them.

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Date Night Ideas for Couples when He’s a Loner

One great way to have date night with your loner husband is to plan one of these 32 at-home date nights.

1- Make an Extravagant Dinner Together

If your loner husband becomes drained at the very thought of hitting a restaurant on a busy Friday night, no problem. Stay in and recreate the experience at home. Set the table with a beautiful table cloth, light candles and spend time together creating a culinary masterpiece.

Not only will you enjoy a delicious meal together, but a quiet evening alone might be the date night you needed.

2- Have a Board Game Night

Make some delicious appetizers and snacks, pour yourselves a glass of your favorite beverages and settle down with a great board game.

Although this may seem a little juvenile in nature, revisiting your childhood while engaging in some friendly competition is a great way to connect and a fun way to enjoy a date night when your husband is a loner. 

You’ll find yourselves laughing together and that’s always a great way to spend an evening. 

3- Go Stargazing

Pack up the car with a late-night picnic and head out to a quiet field for an evening of stargazing. Not only is this a perfectly romantic date, but there will be very little noise and minimal distractions, leaving the two of you alone to really connect.

5 Marriage Date Nights When Your Husband is a Loner | Renée at Great Peace #MarriageMoments #marriage #husbands #wives #datenights

Be sure to bring a blanket and cuddle together as an evening chill sets in. Hold hands, kiss like when you were just dating. You’ll love the romantic feeling of being under the stars with your man. 

4- Go to the Movies

Going to a movie is a great way to spend date night, especially when your husband is a loner. The lights are dark, there isn’t much talking and it’s a short lived and enjoyable experience.

Order all your favorite snacks and delicious drinks and settle in together to watch a great movie.

Here’s a great movie date night tip: Try Tuesday for your movie going experience. The theater will be less crowded, and you can really kick back and relax together. 

5- Read a Book Together

Snuggle under a warm blanket and read a great book together. Take turns reading chapters or listen to a book on Audible together to each other and stop to discuss what is happening in the book.

If you want to get creative, plan the night around the theme of the book. Dress up like some of the characters, eat a meal they have eaten in the book or just speak to each other in accent. The sky is the limit.

There are so many different date night ideas when your husband is a loner. Just get creative and have some fun. The important thing that you are being together and sharing your love for and with each other!

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5 Date Night Ideas When Your Husband is a Loner

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