Date Night Ideas to Spark Romance in Your Marriage

Dating in marriage might seem silly. But, it’s anything but silly. Having regular date nights with your spouse is a wonderful, fun, way to spark romance in your marriage. Dating doesn’t have to end just because you are married.

I think married couples should have a regular, non-negotiable, date night planned at least monthly. You’ll find that dates help you to stay connected, in love, and turning to each other when life gets difficult. Because, in these date nights you learn how to keep communication ongoing. 

I believe that being willing and open to spending time together, sharing thoughts and ideas, and learning how to listen are some of the keys to having a happy, successful marriage. And, while women often say that romance is all candles and roses the truth is true romance is when a couple seek to spend time together, honoring each other, and being thoughtful to care for your relationship.

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The thing is, you don’t have to go out to have a good date night. There are many ways to enjoy date night at home.

5 Date Night Ideas for your Marriage

Get Dressed Up and Go Out

When was the last time you put on your little black dress, some heals, and fixed your hair and make up to go out with that special man in your life? After marriage we often forget the importance of that feeling of excitement of going out and making it special. Choose a nicer restaurant, make reservations, and dress up for an evening out. Select his best dress pants, shirt and tie and walk together arm in arm into that dinner beaming like two teens out for a formal. 

Take a Sunset Stroll at a Local Park, the Beach, or Just in the Neighborhood

Walking together, side by side is a good way to feel connected. Enjoy nature, the fresh air and sunset together as you hold hands, talk about how your day went and share your joys, worries, and ideas. This is also a great time to be a good listener.

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Fondue Dinner for Two

There is something so special about fondue and romance! I’m not sure exactly why that is. Maybe it’s because sitting together with a skewer of delectable food brings you closer together. Or, it’s perhaps because you can delicately feed each other bites of savory goodness. 

Go out to a local fondue restaurant for that quiet, yet intimate atmosphere. Or, get two or three inexpensive fondue pots and plan out your own fondue night at home. 

2 Player Board Game Date Night

Sitting down for a game with just your spouse is a great way to enjoy an evening and stay at home. It’s inexpensive, no need for a babysitter. You can play a two player board games together in your bedroom, or at the dining table. Board games are a wonderful way to connect. They spark conversation and help you to get to know each other on a different level. You’ll learn about each other’s level of competition, discover hidden areas of intelligence, and you’ll laugh over silly things together.

Plus, you can take turns playing your favorite games and his favorite games.

Here’s a listing of 20 Two Player Games that are really great ideas for you to enjoy with your spouse.

Find an Outdoor Movie

Maybe it’s a drive-in theater in your town, or a community sponsored movie night it the park. Take along a blanket, some pillows, a picnic, and kick back and relax. This unexpected way of watching a movie is such a great way to spend some time cuddling! Oh, and of course be sure to have plenty of popcorn and drinks for your outdoor movie adventure. 

Can’t find a local outdoor movie spot? Create your own in the backyard. This outdoor projector offers a wonderful way to enjoy an at-home outdoor movie night.

The great thing about a date night is that whether you want a low-cost date night, or you are able to spend a bit more from time to time the goal doesn’t change. The goal of date night is to connect with, and spark romance in your marriage.

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Date Night Ideas to Spark Romance in Your Marriage

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