32 Ideas for Date Nights at Home

Many people talk about the importance of regular date nights with your spouse. One of the main keys to keeping the spark alive in a long term relationship is continuing to date each other frequently, even after you get married. The truth is though, date nights do not all have to occur outside your home, there are many ways for couples to enjoy date nights at home that can be just as exciting as going out. 

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Many couples either can not afford to go out frequently, or find it hard to allocate the time. This is especially true for couples who have small children at home.

It can be difficult to trust or find a babysitter, making it seem impossible to engage in frequent outings. This is not an excuse though. Dating at home can be just as beneficial to couples as going out.

Purposing to date your spouse is important for a healthy marriage relationship. That’s because no matter what else is going on in life your marriage should be a very high priority. But, happy, healthy, long-lasting marriages don’t happen without effort. It takes making decisions to purpose spending time together, communicating effectively and developing every aspect of the marriage relationship.

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Meaning, you do not have to break the budget or find a sitter at all. Simply put the kids to bed, and enjoy your date nights at home. 

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Ideas for Date Nights at Home

If you want to truly connect with your spouse, there are several ways you can do that, even if you stay at home. Whether you have a game night or take a romantic bubble bath together, the sky is the limit. 

These are great date night ideas for if you are married to a husband who is a loner.

32 Ideas for Date Nights at Home | Renee at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #datenight #marriagedatenights #biblicalmarriage #Christianmarriage #husbands #wives

I’ve gathered 32 ideas for date nights at home for you. This means you can enjoy date night once a week for an entire year.

  • Have a game night just the two of you.
  • Order take out and eat by candlelight 
  • Give each other massages 
  • Make a romantic dinner together
  • Paint together on a large canvas
  • Take a “how well do you know each other” quiz 
  • Stargaze together 
  • Roast marshmallows 
  • Take a bubble bath together
  • Put on music and dance
  • Go on a scavenger hunt 
  • Camp out in the living room 
  • Eat ice cream for dinner
  • Have a movie night 
  • Play video games together
  • Watch your wedding video
  • Have a food fight 
  • Have an indoor picnic
32 Ideas for Date Nights at Home | Renee at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #datenight #marriagedatenights #biblicalmarriage #Christianmarriage #husbands #wives
  • Meet for coffee, or tea, on the back porch anytime of the day.
    Tip: let the kids play video games so you can have some alone time.
  • Have an outdoor picnic under the stars and be sure to check out these 5 Great Date Ideas for Spring.
  • Work together to make a playlist of songs you liked when you were dating
  • Get dressed up and wear fancy clothes for no reason
  • Watch the first movie you ever watched together
  • Build a fort together
  • Start a journal together
  • Do a difficult puzzle 
  • Do some at-home karaoke 
  • Watch a movie outside 
  • Make a craft together 
  • Have an at-home spa night 

With so many great ideas for date nights at home, there is no excuse not to make time for your relationship. Just remember, get creative, make date nights a priority and have a whole lot of fun together. 

What are your favorite ways to have date nights in your home?

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