Family Dinner Ideas Using Turkey

I’ve grown to love turkey for family dinner. It’s full of flavor and can be used in a variety of ways. In fact, it’s easy to switch out turkey for just about any recipe that calls for chicken.

Family Dinner Ideas Using Turkey | Great Peace Living #familydinnerideas #turkeydinner #dinnerideasusingturkey

I’ve found that turkey can be more affordable that beef, or even pork. And, it seems more readily available than it used to be.

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I’ve gathered a variety of turkey recipe ideas so you can mix it up. With these 15 dinner ideas you can have turkey on your family menu at least once per month.

15 Dinner Ideas Using Turkey

Cut out the carbs with Low Carb Turkey Club Egg Wrap from Moms Who Save. It’s a great recipe for breakfast, lunch or an anytime healthy snack.

Buffalo Turkey Meatballs are crave worthy little bites of spicy goodness. Pair it with mashed potatoes for a creamy balance and of course, Buffalo sauce pairs so well with celery sticks and ranch dressing!

Mama says to eat your peas and carrots, and with Instant Pot Lemon Turkey Risotto from Recipe This, your kids will be happy to!

Creamy Turkey, Bacon & Mashed Potatoes Casserole from Happy Mothering will remind you of the day after Thanksgiving for sure. So yum!

Instead of chicken wings try these Oven Baked Turkey Wings from My Nourished Home. With more meat, and more flavor you will always want to choose them instead of traditional chicken wings.

Anyone who says turkey and gravy is just for Thanksgiving is, well, um, wrong. With an Instant pot it’s so simple to put together Instant Pot Turkey Breast with Gravy from This Old Gal. Those flavors are great anytime of the year!

Turkey Thai Basil from Delicious Obsessions is a great way to use up cooked turkey. It is a flavorful and healthy stir-fry that is packed with vegetables. You’ll appreciate how fast and easy it comes together.

Is your family on the go at dinner time? These Healthy Turkey Roll Ups from Honey and Lime are perfect for a weeknight dinner at the soccer fields or wherever your children’s weeknight activities might take you.

Family Dinner Ideas Using Turkey | Great Peace Living #familydinnerideas #turkeydinner #dinnerideasusingturkey

Are you looking for a low carb family dinner option that everyone will love? Turkey Pot Pie from Joy Filled Eats is so good that everyone in the family will approve.

Your family will love this Easy Turkey Casserole from Bitz & Giggles. It is a perfect combination of cheesy goodness and crunchy french fried onion topping.

Try this Easy Turkey Taco Casserole from Honey and Lime for a healthier option to your traditional taco night. All of the flavor of tacos, but lighter because of the use of ground turkey. And easy enough for a weeknight dinner.

This Jazzed Up Meat and Potato Casserole from Intelligent Domestications has turkey, bacon and potatoes. The perfect comfort food.

Thanksgiving flavors are such a yummy combination that eating them once a year is just not enough. This Thanksgiving Dinner Casserole from Mess For Less combines all those wonderful flavors including the cranberries into a yummy casserole you will crave all year long.

This Taco Tater Tot Casserole from Mae’s Menu is a tasty combination of tacos and the classic tater tot. It only requires one pot and makes a spicy and hearty weeknight family dinner.

I always look forward to when the weather starts turning colder and I can make soup for dinner. This Healthy, Delicious Nutritious Turkey Rice Soup from Made In A Pinch is a hearty option that will warm you up on those chilly fall nights.

Do you incorporate turkey into your family meal planning? You’ll find it is a great way to add a bit more variety to your family dinners.

Family Dinner Ideas Using Turkey

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