Learning How to Eat My Way to Better Health

I’m not a person who obsesses over weight or even what I look like outwardly. For me, I strive to allow beauty to shine forth from the heart. That being said, after 23 years of marriage, several major surgeries I have begun to be aware that my weight had crept up beyond what felt comfortable to me, which I know means I’m not doing my health any favors.Learning to Eat my Way to Better Health with #TrimHealthyMama | Renée at Great Peace Academy

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I’ve always been a firm believer in eating foods naturally. I’ve always opted for butter over margarine, whole milk over low fat, red meats and on the bone meats over vegetarian. I enjoy eggs, whole grains and plenty of good healthy veggies as well. I’ve always believed that the best possible things we can eat are found in nature. I believe our groceries should come from God’s hands, not manufactured, coorporate manipulated foods. 

“…His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue…” 2 Peter 1:3. 

For me God’s ways are perfect. He created us, therefore, what He created for us to eat should be exactly right for our bodies.

Eat whatever is sold in the meat market, asking no questions for conscience’ sake; for “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.””1 Corinthians 10:25-26. 

The thing I’ve never known how to do was how to balance the good healthy stuff. Yes, I am saying that eating red meat, eggs, butter, and grains are all healthy stuff. But I’ve learned that the key is balance. 

I recently read the book Trim Healthy Mama and was fascinated to discover exactly how our bodies process food as fuel at the cellular level and knowing that bit of information, changed the way I approach eating food. 

Learning to Fuel to Better Health

What I’ve learned is that while I was mostly making good, healthy selections  I was not balancing those selection for my body to be able to process each type of fuel type in the proper way. So what are the fuel types you may be wondering. There really  are 2 types of fuels that our bodies process.Learning to Fuel my Body to Better Health with #TrimHealthyMama | Renée at Great Peace AcademyThe first is fatty foods. Now, don’t turn away. I know it sounds scarey to hear that it’s not only o.k. to eat fatty foods, but it really is necessary for our bodies. Fatty foods are typically filled with proteins and amino acids. Those are 2 things our muscles need in order to be strong. The second fuel type is carbohydrates. Again, it can sound scary to think about eating carbs. But all vegetative foods are a form of carbohydrates. So, whether you are eating a big bowl of spinach or a big dinner roll, you are eating carbs. The key is understanding which carbs are good and healthy and which are tasty but offer little value in terms of fueling our cells.

That’s the key, fueling our cells. Our cells are the building blocks for every organ, vessel, and muscle in our bodies. When we fuel our cells the right way, we metabolize that fuel and our body parts use the fuel to work properly. When we don’t fuel our bodies in the right way, our body stores the fuel which over time becomes excess body fat.So, I am sure you are wondering, how do you fuel your body right? What I’m learning in the Trim Healthy Mamas plan book and recipe book, is that when we mix our carbs and fats in the same meal, our cells process carbs first. Thus, they get full from the carbs. Once full, they then can’t process the proteins and amino acids found in the fatty foods.

Therefore our bodies store that fuel for later usage. Conversely, if we fuel our bodies with only fatty foods, our body  will lack the energy to function because it’s missing carbohydrates. Carbs are energizing foods. That’s why athletes will load up on carbs before a big game, or a big race. But the energy is short-lived if our muscles don’t get fuels from protein and amino acids as well. That’s why we need a good balance of both fuel types.I’m sure you’ve seen diets that are either all fatty foods with no carbs, or all carbs with no fatty foods. While these may offer a temporary solution, over time our bodies will recognize the fuel type as the same type every time you fuel. And again begin to store fuel as fat.  

It’s important to learn how to separate your meals. One food type at one meal, and a different food type 3-4 hours later at another meal. Fatty foods coupled with very low carbohydrate foods like green veggies are one type of fuel while healthy carbohydrates with very low fat content make up the other type of fuel. In Trim Healthy Mama, you will learn which foods fit into which category, and you will honestly be surprised by what you discover. Some foods, that you’ve probably eaten all of your life as healthy, you will learn are not healthy when coupling it with a fatty food. You’ll also discover that there are some foods that when you eat them literally help your body pull excess fuel (fat) from your body. 

How Trim Healthy Mama is Helping Me Have Better Health

But, the proof is in the pudding, or so they say. I started the Trim Healthy Mama plan at the end of September. I don’t remember the exact date but I’d guess around the 25th.

How I'm Seeing Better Health with #TrimHealthyMama | Renée at Great Peace Academy

  • The first thing I noticed was that my feet got smaller, like within 2 weeks! Shoes that had been tight were suddenly loose.
  • Then my husband noticed that my S curve had returned.
  • Later I noticed that while not completely flat, my belly was no longer bloated.
  • Then I was able to put on my wedding rings, comfortably, when I hadn’t been able to wear them for about a year.
  • Now clothing that once fit comfortably is slightly loose.
  • I’m down about 15 pounds. (But I don’t weigh myself often, it’s just not about weight loss for me, it’s about feeling healthier).

The best thing about the Trim Healthy Mama plan is that I can eat! I never feel deprived, in fact, sometimes I often struggle to remember to eat as often as I’m supposed to, and the amounts that are recommended. You can eat succulent, seemingly indulgent foods and still be on plan. You can eat every “type” of food, once you learn the best way to balance those fuel types. You decide what your body needs, whether engergizing carbs, or satisfying fatty foods. I love that I can get healthy on the Trim Healthy Mama plan and I’m the one in control of what, how and when I eat. It’s so simple! {Tweet That}


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