Educational Video Channel the Family Will Absolutely Love

Being a homeschooling family, of course we want to provide excellent educational opportunities for our child. My family is quite eclectic when it comes to our personal interests. This is most obvious when it comes to the kinds of videos we enjoy watching. That’s why this educational video channel fulfills all our interests.

My husband loves documentaries. He could sit through an entire Saturday watching history documentaries about the military and various wars. He also loves anything technology related, whether it’s computer science, or engineering.

I on the other hand enjoy exploring the human spirit. I like to watch historical videos that focus on how humans relate to each other through various eras of history. While our son loves all things math and science, especially engineering related. But, we have similarities as well. Each of us enjoy the arts, and musical performances that encompass a variety of genres.

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When I discovered CuriosityStream I knew that we had found the perfect solution for joining our eclectic interests into one easily accessible on-demand streaming video service.

An educational video channel for the whole family, CuriosityStream, documentaries, lectures and performances, something for everyone.

I’m sure you are asking what exactly is CuriosityStream?

A Non-Fiction Educational Video Channel 

CuriosityStream is the world’s first ad-free, non-fiction, streaming on-demand video channel that offers over a thousand topics of research, documentaries, performances, and lectures. The topics cover a wide array of ideas from science and mathematics to art, history, and civilization.  These top-notch digital videos entice viewers with topics to interest every member of the family. 

  • art
  • business
  • civilizations
  • engineering
  • history
  • inventions
  • music
  • technology
  • transportation
  • science
CuriosityStream Educational Video Channel

In our home we are a big proponent of self-education. Our goal is not only to provide a basic educational experience for our child teaching him the general education fields of study but to teach him how to educate himself. The best way to do this is to open his eyes, his mind, to a wealth of ideas and topics for him to explore. Naturally, the ones that he is most interested in are the ones that he will want to study more in-depth. 

CuriosityStream is an excellent resource for encouraging independent study because of the vast topics presented. Not only can he explore his own fields of interest but so can my husband and I. 

Topics of interest for my family:

  • Arts
    • Stradivarius: Mysteries of the Supreme Violin
    • Inside a Virtuoso’s Brain
    • Charles Yang Performances
  • Science, Math & Technology
    • Pluto
    • Inside the Human Body
    • Brain Health
    • Science Vs. God
    • Mathemagician
  • Transportation
    • The Golden Age of Steam Railways
    • Titanic
  • History
    • William the Conqueror
    • Our World War
    • Ancient Rome
    • Lincoln’s Last Night
    • The Gettysburg Story

These are just of few of the video topics we have watched or plan to watch in the near future. But, the overall list of topics we are interested in could go on and on. 

It’s obvious that the producers take great care to present a complete picture of each topic. For example, I was surprised at how fair and balanced the video series Science Vs. God is presented. While I am usually skeptical of such videos because I hold a Christian, Biblical worldview and find most similar videos to be bent toward one or the other side of the topic. But, this series fairly presented both sides of the argument.

Using this Educational Video Channel for Homeschool?

Using videos in homeschool may seem like childs play. But they don’t have to be. First of all the documentaries, lectures and interviews offered by CuriosityStream are well researched and extremely educational in their content. They can serve to entertain, teach or provide research opportunity for a research project. 

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  • resources for research projects
  • entertainment
  • art history
  • music appreciation
  • enhancement for historical or civilization studies or project based studies
  • independent studies

We recently discovered the Mathemagician video. I sat watching it fascinated by how this man’s brain works as I watched him solving incredible math problems in his head faster than could be calculated on a calculator.

My son, who loves math and has a mind that absorbs mathematical knowledge at a rapid rate, watched the same video as if it were a challenge for him. He would pause the video and try to solve the mathematical problems before Arthur Benjamin, the mathemagician, revealed the answer. Thus, he went from being a video spectator to learning how to think about math in a different way.

Details About this Educational Video Channel

CuriosityStream Availability

You can watch CuriosityStream on any device that has web access, and even access via apps on your mobile devices. It is also now available on Roku so you could watch on your digital TV from the comfort of your living room, or you can watch on any web browser.

If you know anything about my family then you know that my husband works in television broadcasting. He’s a meticulous judge of video quality. Over our nearly 30 years of marriage, he has taught me a few things about what a quality production look like. The CurisosityStream digital videos are of the highest level of productions. It’s clear that they are produced by expert producers, editors, videographers and engineers.

CuriosityStream was founded by prime-time Emmy winner John Hendricks. If you are at all familiar with Discovery Communications, which is the parent to both TLC and Discovery Channels, then you are familiar with Mr. Hendricks’ works. He was founder and until 2014 CEO of Discovery Communications. Therefore, you can rest assured that the content of the videos on this streaming on-demand educational video channel is of the highest standards.

Try CuriosityStream for Free

CuriosityStream Educational Video Channel

Want to give CuriosityStream a try? Now throught November 1, 2015 subscribe for a one month free trial, and then recieve 15% off the next two months by using my discount code: homeschool. CuriosityStream has 2 plans, a monthly fee of $2.99 for standard definition or $5.99 for high-definition. With the 2 month discount, that’s just $2.50 or $5.09 per month for access to thousands of ad-free historic, scientific, artistic, videos, documentaries and lectures. 

To access this free month and discount, simply head over to CuriosityStream and click the “Start your free month” button. 

  • On the next page, choose your preferred plan (SD or HD).
  • Input your email information, and create a username and password.
  • Once you have set up your account, you will be prompted to input payment information, find the option to fill in a promo code box, enter homeschool, the 15% discount will be automatically applied.

I’ve discovered some fascinating videos by seeing something they’ve shared in their Facebook or Twitter feeds but you can also follow them on YouTube and Google+ if those are your preferred networks. 

Adding video streaming to your homeschool isn’t difficult with the added benefit of a more in-depth study or self-guided curiosity solver, it’s really a no brainer. Plus, it’s more affordable than most streaming video options and don’t forget its 100% ad-free. You are going to love adding CuriosityStream to your family and homeschool line-up of educational video channel options.

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Educational Video Channel the Family Will Absolutely Love

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