Exploring the Great Lakes Science Center

Hands On Learning and 3D Experience

The third site we explored while visiting Cleveland was the Great Lakes Science Center. As it’s name indicates the science center sits right on the coast of Lake Eerie. It has a wide variety of hands on science activities for children of all ages to explore. 

Great Lakes Science Center Field Trip

I was thrilled to be able to meet up with my blogging friend +Colleen Kessler and her four children so that Little Man could learn and explore with some friends. Colleen blogs at Raising Lifelong Learners and is also a homeschooling mom to gifted children. So for me it was awesome being able to connect with her and compare notes. 

The kids enjoyed exploring the NASA display, which is an installation from the nearby John Glenn Center. From virtually flying space shuttles, blasting off rockets and climbing in model of a space capsule their is much to space exploration to experience in that display. 

While we were there the kids had a chance to see a Bubblemania demonstration which seems like it would be simple enough, however, even I learned from that demonstration. Little Man was fascinated and laughed a lot through the entire demonstration.

Following the bubble fun we headed off to the Omnimax theater. I wish I could truly explain the experience in that theater. At the science center in Columbus, Cosi, we have an iMax theater, which is itself pretty cool. The Omnimax theater is like iMax on steroids! 

Imagine a cross between an iMax and a planetarium and you’ll have somewhat of an idea. The room is spherical and you are sitting under the dome of the sphere. We saw The Flight of the Butterfly, and because the movie is projected to the sphere you are seeing the film in 3D without the need for the funny glasses. It was truly an amazing experience to fly with the butterflies. 

Great Lakes Science Center Hands On Fun

After a quick lunch the kids spent the afternoon exploring the hands on center. From flash shadows to rhythm and vibrations and kinetic motion to static electricity the hands on center creates a sense of wonder and play for kids of all ages. 

If you Go

  • Tickets are $14 adults and $12 for general admission tickets.
  • With Omnimx tickets prices are $19 and $17.
  • Omnimax Only tickets also available for $11 and $9.
  • They are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • They also own the steamship William G. Mather, (closed for winter), and if you go during summer months you can buy a bundled admission for all 3, science center, omnimax and the steamship for, $23 and $21. 
  • The science center sits between the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Brown Stadium. 

(All above prices listed are for adult price followed by child price). 

Little Man says that of everything we did and experienced while in Cleveland, our visit to the Science Center was his favorite. 
Have you experienced a science center? Tell me about your 
experience in the comments. 
Renée at Great Peace Academy

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